Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah.

An Important information for T. I. C. Old students in Canada

On the initiative of Malik Lal Khan, the National Amir of Canada, a reception was arranged by old students of T.I. College, in honour of Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry, who was on a brief private visit to Canada. . It was held on Wednesday, the 18th of May, 2011. On account of the limited space, it was confined to those who had attended the college from its inception in 1944 till the year 1965. 2011. It was an informal get together in which memories of the college days were shared by the participants. Prof. Hamid Ahmad related how an association of old students was organised in Germany. He said it is now a fomally registered body. With the approval of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, with the Grace of God the T.I. College Old Students Association has been regularly offering 10 scholarships each year to Nazir Talim. At the end Malik Lal Khan, the national Amir of Canada proposed that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, should be approached for permission to the establish an association of T.I.C. old students in Canada. He suggested that Mr. Hadayatullah Hadi should be asked to act as co-ordinator to request Hazur-e-Aqdas for permission and work out the initial necessary formalities. The suggestion was unanimously agreed upon. Here are some pohotos taken on the occasion. ( It has been reported that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V has permitted establishment of T.I. College old students association in Canada and the first meeting has been convened during the Jalsa Salana 2011.) .


A groupf photo taken on the occasion

Sitting (Left to right): Malik Rashid Ahmad, Lutf-ur-Rehman (Luppa) son of Hazrat Maulana Arjuman Khan, Commander Mohammad Aslam Chaudhry, Prof Mohammad Aslam Sabir, Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Nazir, Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry, Malik Lal Khan, Prof. Mubarak Ahmad Ansari, Dr. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi, Khalifa Abdul Aziz

Standing: Left to right): Kaleem Ahmad Malik, Naib Amir, Ch. Mahmood Ahmad B.T.,Abdul Haleem Tayyab, Qazi Mubashar Ahmad , Abdul Hamid Hamidi, Abdul Shakoor Azhar, Nasir Ahmad Khan, Col.(R) Raja Mohammad Aslam, Munirul Haq Shahid, Kaleemullah Faizi, Hidayatullah Hadi, Qazi Mubarak Ahmad, Col. (R) Dr. S. M. Khairul Bashar, Karim Ahmad Tahir, Ch. Sharif Ahmad, Ayaz Ahmad Ayaz, Col. (R) Dildar Ahmad, Qureshi Faiz Muhyuddin, M.A. Rashid Yahya,Nasim Ahmad Sarfaraz, Jamil Ahmad Butt – Denmark,


Another view of the same meeting

Left to right: 1. Ch. Sharif Ahmad 2. M.A. Rashid Yahya 3. Mubarak Ahmad Nazir 4. Abdul Hamid Hamidi 5. Kaleem Ahmad Malik – Naib Amir Canada 6. Lutfur Rahman – Luppa – son of Late Maulana Arjuman Khan 7. Malik M. A. Rashid – Engineer 8. Rafiq Ahmad Zia 9. Hidayatullah Hadi – 10. Abdul Shakoor Azhar 11. Qureshi Faiz Muhyuddin 12. Qazi Mobashar Ahmad 13. Abdul Haleem Tayyeb


Prof. Hamid Ahmad, Malik Lal Khan, the National Amir of Canada and Khalifa Abdul Aziz (the Naib Amir)


Second get-together of T.I. College Old students in Canada

Old Students of the college arranged another get together in honour of Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Wakil-e-Aala, Tehrik-e-Jadeed Rabwah, who was on a visit to the Canada. The meeting was held on 31st of August 2011 and was well attended. Memories of the life in college days were exchanged. It was decided that elections of office bearers for the T.I. College old students association shall be hel on the occasion of the coming Shoora. Some of the group photos taken on the occasion. .


Photos sent by Syed Hadayatullah Hadi

Sitting (Left to right): Prof. M. Aslam Sabir, Prof. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi, Prof. Mubarak Ahmad Ansari, Khalifa Abdul Aziz, Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Malik Lal Khan, Mubarak Ahmad Nazir,Col. (R) Diladar Ahmad

Standing: Left to right):


A view of the meeting


A Reception Dinner in the Honour of Prof. Ch. Hamid Ahmad Sahib by Respected Amir Sahib Canada on February 4, 2012 A reception dinner was arranged in the honour of Prof. Ch. Hamid Ahmad Sahib, President T.I. College Old Student Association Germany by Respected Amir Sahib Canada on February 4, 20102 at 8:30 p.m. in the Guest House. Participants included some old students of T.I. College, like Respected Amir Sahib Jamat Ahmad iyya Canada, Mr. Kalim Ahmad Malik Sahib, Naib Amir; Mr. Hafeez Haidrani, Regional Amir, he is the most senior old student of the College; Mr. Sajjad A. Malik, Finance Secretary TICOSA Canada, S. H. Hadi, General Secretary TICOSA Canada. Beside that Col. Mohammad Amjad Khan, National Secretary Property, Naseer Ahmad Khan, National Secretary Dyiafat, Malik Khalid Mahmood, Regional Amir, Sheikh Mohammad A’mir, Regional Amir, Sahib Nasir , Secretary to Amir Sahib, Fakhar Loan, Official Dept. of Dyiafat, etc. Prof. Hamid Ahmad Ch. Sahib explained the brief history, purposes and blessings of the, Howe the Association was established in Germany. What is the extreme desire of the Hadhur-e-Anwar from this association? Prof. Sahib gave us a beautiful guidelines, and lovely explained how to solve the difficulties when arise in the beginning. However, he advised we should try our best to fundraise for the donation to student at Rabwah through Nazarat Talim with open heart generously. Respected Amir Sahib made assurance we will carry out your precious advice and fulfill the desire of Hadhur-e-Anwar in this regard. After that he led silent prayer and took group photo with Prof. Ch. Hamid Ahmad Sahib. Later on around 10:30 p.m. we all went to Prof. Dr. Perwaiz Parwazi ‘s home at Mississauga for heartfelt condolences of demised death of his mother who passed away on the same day and was buried at Bahashi Maqbara Rabwah on February 5, 2012. (Report by Syed Hadayatullah Hadi)
This photograph was taken on this occasion.


Mr. Mohammad Munir Akhtar - jopined T.I.C. Qadian in 1946 (see biography on the relevant page)


Comannder Mohammad Aslam Chaudhry. He graduated from the college in 1951


Malik Lal Khan, Mirza Mobashar Ahmad and other Students
with Hazrat Chaudhry Mohammad Zafrullah Khan

*************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************************************

Message from Malik Lal Khan, Engineer, Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, Canada

   Malik Lal Khan, Toronto

      Malik Lal Khan

My dear Respected Chaudhary Sahib

Assalamo alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

It is a great pleasure knowing about revival of TI COSA and the website. I did receive your messages through Majeed Ahmad Saeed Sahib and Zakaria Virk Sahib. The delay in my response was due to some other urgent matters to be attended. Thank you very much for remembering your old students. I am passing on your message to Karim Ahmad Sahib Tahir also. I do not have photographs of that period with me here in Canada. Later, when possible, I shall send you whatever is available. In the next few days, I shall forward you a recent photograph. The two years I spent in T.I. College Rabwah (1960-62) are the best years of my life. Not only did I receive secular education, but also religious and spiritual education which resulted in my acceptance of Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam. Al-Hamdu lillah! The most vivid of my memories of T.I. College is the love and affection I received from my teachers. They used to treat us as their own children. Later, in Lahore and other places, I did meet some very good teachers. But the sort of caring teacher-student relationship I experienced at TI College remained unique. I am very happy that TI COSA will provide us the facility of enjoying pleasant memories of our stay at our beloved institution. May Allah bless your efforts and reward you and the other organisers for this excellent timely service!  

I just remembered a joke. Chaudhary Sharif Khalid Sahib used to teach us English. He had a habit of always saying "No, never" in stead of just saying "no". One day a student addressed me as "Red Khan". Chaudhary Sahib overheard him. He smiled for a while, enjoying the joke. Then he turned to me and said, "Lal Khan, do you like to be called Red Khan?" I stood up and just said,"No, never!"


Lal Khan Malik  



Letter from Prof. Rafiq Ahmad Sahi, Canada

Prof. Rafiq Ahmad Sahi joined Talim-ul-Islam College at Qadian in 1946 and one of the earliest graduates of the college. He did his M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Punjab University.

   Prof Rafiq Ahmad Sahi, Canada

      Prof. Rafiq Sahi

Dear & Resspected Chaudhry Sahib Assalamo alaikum wa rehmat Ullah My name is Rafiq Ahmad Sahi and am an old student of T.I. College. I got addmission in this college in 1946 when it was in Qadian. After the partion of the then India the college shifted to Lahore. It temporarily was housed in the building situated infront of the Lahore district police head quarter. In response to your appeal to T.I. College old boys, I attach a pohto graph. Details given here under. The photograph attached was taken on the occasion of !st convoation of the college in 1950. This convocation was addressed by Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra). After the convocation the then principal of the college Hazrat Hafiz Sahib zada Mirza Nasir Ahmad (rahim ullah) who was later elevated by Allah to be Khalifatul Mash III, was kind enough to have his photograph with the graduating students. I being one of the graduating student had the priviledge of standing on the right of the principal. I am presenly living in Canada but I often visit Germany where my yougest son Hammurabi Rafiq Qaqdir Sahi lives. He lives ib Babehausen a township near Damstd and Aschaffenburg. I hope to see you during my next visit to Germany if I know your address. Cosidering the age of the picture I hope you will like it.

I am really thankful for your mail. This has opened a vista of communication. I have today sent you a photograph. Please inform me if have receive4d the email, There are a few faces that I recognize in the pictures that you have sent but most of the faces seem to be unfamiliar. About myself it is sufficient to tell that I belong to district Lyallpore (now faisal abad)I had my education upto matric level in MB High school Gojra. After matriculation my father wanted me to study in TI College Qadian. After partion in 1947 I studied for a year in GC Lyallpore.

After doing my F.Sc I learnt that TI College has also shifted to Pakistan. So I got admission in B. Sc in TI College Lahore. In 1950. I graduated from this college and for my M.Sc I got admission in GC Lahore. I Did my M.Sc from this college. I started my carrier as Lecturer in Zamindar College Gujrat. In !9 54 I was appointed in G C ( then Emerson College) Multan. Moving from different colleges and countries I finaly retired from GC Sahiwal in 1991. Worked for 4 years as Prof. in Hajveri college in lahore till 2001 from there I migrated to Canada and still living in Cambridge a town about 100 Km from Toronto. I expect a similar introduction fom your respected sir. Wassalam Rafiq Sahi


Zakaria Virk in T.I. College .....and .....Zakaria Virk now in Canada

Titel covers of two of the recently published books authored by Mohammad Zakria Virk
Title: Musalmano kay shandar sciency karnamay
This book is on the topic of "Muslim contributions to sciences". The book covers Muslim contributions to various Science such as medicine, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, physics, history, geography, ophthalmology, Optics, pharmacology, music, and inventions made by Muslims. Contributions made by Muslims in India are also Mentioned.
The book was published in Aligarh last year, and now it has been re-published from Lahore.
The book can be purchased from Mr Shoaid Adil editor, Lahore.
The cost is Rs 160/- plus postage, the total should be no more than $10/- by air.

Title: Name Ibn Rushd - Jadid sawaneh aur karnamay
This book is a biography of great Andulasian philosopher and jurist Ibn Rushd. The book covers his life in six chapter Life sketch, ibn rushd as a physician, ibn rushd as a jurist, ibn rusd as philosopher, ibn rushd as a scientist, and ibn Rushd in our day and age. The book can be purchased from Mr Shoaid Adil editor, Lahore.
The cost is Rs 160/- plus postage, the total should be no more than $10/- by air.



Message from Zakaria Virk

I am delighted to know that our friends in Germany have taken an initiative and not only formed a much desired and long due T.I. College Old Students Association, but have also opened a website. This will help recollect the memories of our student lives and re-establish contacts with forgotten friends. I urge everyone to send in their contributions, suggestions, critique and if nothing else their prayers for the success of this project. As the saying goes, those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it. We need to preserve the historical memories of that once magnificent institution, an institution that produced outstanding personalities in every field of human endeavour. We cannot turn the clock back, but surely, we can recreate it in the form of a website. Kudos to all those who are devoting their time and energy to this project. Zakaria Virk, Kingston, ON. Canada Tel.: 001- ??????????


Zakaria Virk has kindly sent this photo of Hadi, Falauddin and himself in Canada


Brother S.H. Hadi has send the following photo of Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Sultan Akbar


Letter from Abdul Hayee Basharat
Dear Sir
Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatohu,
I visited your site of Old Boys of T.I.College. It is a marvelous job. Dear Sir, and Naseer, you took me back into the past, a Glorious past. Allah bless you good health and long life. I would like to send you some photos and some of my memories of our T.I. College. It is an incredible piece of work. I will keep in touch with you.
Please remember me in your prayers.
Abdul Hayee Basharat,
7560 Wrenwood Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, L4T 2V7 Canada. 416-820-0712


   Message from S. H. Hadi

      Hadayatullah Hadi

Only those nations survive on this planet those who are actively engaged in preserving their heritage, history and civilization. Hafiz Muhammad Siddiq has written a concise article “ Ta’limul Islam High School Rabwah ki wajh-e-Imtiaz” in an issue of Daily Alfazal, Rabwah, October 27, 2005. In my opinion this should be called an initiative, and that is it is our duty to preserve our heritage, it should be narrated so that it becomes a lighthouse for coming generations. In my opinion there is no country in the world where a former student of T.I. College is not serving his country.  

I am delighted to find out that Germany is the first country in the world, which has taken on the task of preserving the heritage of T.I. College, Rabwah. They are trying to memorialize the services of former teachers, students and its employees. I would like to congratulate them on this initiative. I would like to appeal to formers teachers, students and to put their memories into writing and send it to the webmaster of


If you are in possession of old pictures, articles, Testimonials, I.D. Cards, or anything related to T.I. College send it to them so that it can be displayed on the website. They are trying to preserve our heritage, it’s a noble cause. May Allah bless their efforts. I have a suggestion to make: On the above website there should be space allocated to teachers and students where they can introduce themselves, reminisce about old times, what they are doing now, their email addresses, telephone numbers, in order an online contact can be established. This in turn will become a chapter in the “ History of alumni of T.I. College”. Hidayatullah Hadi, Toronto, Canada  


   Letter from Mr. Hafeez Ullah Haidrani

      Hafeez Ullah Haidrani

Mokarram wa Mohtaram Chaudhry Sahib,
Assalam o alekum WRWB,
This to acknowledge the receipt of your email. I shall try to comply with what has been asked for below.
Never conscious of the blessings of those days when I was at the college at Rabwah at age 15 - 17 years, those blessings now constitutue the most precious treasure of my life. Those days had such a deep and everlasting impact that those days have shaped my entire life that followed. I had the privilege of doing Jalsa Salana duty in those years at the office of Officer Jalsa Salana, working as an assistant to Mian Sahib (Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III ra) and having my meals with him in earthen plates and taking water in 'aabkhuraas'.
Mokarram Ansari Sahib who used to teach us Chemistry is here, lives close to my residence, and teaches Urdu at Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada and we frequently meet each other. He has been awarded some award by Ontario (A Province of Canada whose capital is Toronto) Goverment for for making positive contribution to the society at this age.
Hafeez Ullah Haidrani



   Message from Chaudhry Mahmood Ahmad (B.T)

      Mahmood Ahmad

Chaudhry Mahmood Ahmad of Chak Chahoor (Sangla Hill) commonly known as Mahmood Ahmad B.T. graduated from T.I. College in 1958 and joined Jamia Ahmadiyya Rabwah. After having finished his course in Jamia, he served the Jamaat as Missionary in Uganda (East Africa) for almost quarter of a century. He is now settled in Canada and has promised to send a detailed message. As soon as his mesage is received, it shall be placed on the Website  

He is delighted to know that Old Students of T.I. College in Germany have formed a regular association of the alumni which is actively working.


   Message from Muhammad Sami Tahir

      Muhammad Sami Tahir

My dear Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhri Sahib
Assalam o Alaikum
In the beginning, please accept my heartiest congratulations on the construction of the most informative Website about old students of T.I College, Rabwah, Pakistan. In December 2005 I got consented premature retirement from the Punjab Education Department while I was working as Principal, Government College, Mustafabad, Kasur. As I reached back here in Canada I heard a new about Old Students of T. I. College Rabwah through brother S. H. Hadi Sahib. I have a lot of sweet memories about T. I. College Rabwah.I joined Talim-ul- Islam College, Rabwah in 1964 and graduated in 1968. I enjoyed every day of my stay in this college; I participate in all the activities of Bazem e Urdu, College Union, Political Science Society, and Hostel Forum. I was declared the best Speaker in Urdu in 1966-67. I became the President of the Students Union of the College, and also served as Chief Editor of the College Megazine Al-Minar Urdu Section 1n 1967-68.

I got good friends like; Tahir Arif, Shuja Ul Haq, Zaheer Uddin Mansoor Ahmad, Sahibzada Farooq Ahmad, Mubarak Saif, Zulfiqar Ahmad Qamar, Asim Sahrai, Karim Khalid, Khalid Ahmad, Naeem Usman, Usman Akbar., etc We were lucky to have a galaxy of highly taught teachers who were devoted heart and soul to the college. Among them were, Qazi Muhammad Aslam, Chaudhri Muhammad Ali, Sufi Basharat-ur- Rahman, Dr. S.M Shahid, Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan,Prof. Chaudhri Hamid Ullah, Prof, Muhammad Sharif Khalid, Dr.Nasir Ahmad Pervaz Perwazi, Prof. Manawar Shamim Khalid, Prof. Rashid Ghani, Prof. Arshad Tirmazi. Prof. Mubarak Ansari, Prof, Habib Ur Rahman, Prof. Aslam Sabir. Most of the students of this college played a great role in the services of Ahmadiyyat and Pakistan. So many joined in the Civil Services, Pakistan Army, and Education Department and got high ranks. Some devote their lives to the service of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. We have a lot of things to say and hear. At this time please, accept my thanks and convey my salam to all old students living any part of the world. With best wishes for your venture,
Tahir Muhammad Sami
295 Murdock Road Springfield Winnipeg R2C 2Z 3 CANADA phone: (204) 667-8620 E.Mail:


   Mail from Mubarak Ahmad Saif, Canada

      MubarikAhmad Saif

Respected Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry Sahib!
Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah
Sir! How can I forget my dear teachers and my dear institution, as both are asset of my life. Whatever I have gained in my life is merely because of this great institution and its great teachers. Sir! I really apologize for entering the office of a beloved teacher without proper permission and offering due regards as sometime it may happen when you are in hurry. May Allah bless you with long and healthy life. With best wishes,
your student
Mubarak Ahmad Saif
Old student Talim-ul-Islam College Rabwah 1965-69
1) Editor Al Manar Urdu Section 1967-68
2) Declared best Urdu speaker and awarded “Roll of Honor” 1968-69
3) Remained Secretary and President of Arabic Society
4) Remained secretary and Vice-President of “Hostel Forum”
5) Represented College in various All Pakistan Inter Collegiate Urdu and Punjabi debates
and won seven prizes and running trophies
6) After a long service in State Bank Of Pakistan
now living in Calgary, Canada



Students of Hazrat Maulana Arjumand Khan know how deeply he loved LUPPA. Here is the Maulana with his son in Canada


An Appeal to fellow old students from S. H. Hadi


Message from Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza


My name is Mohyuddin Mirza (Dr. now) with roots at T.I. College from 1958-1960 in the same group with Dr. Hamid Ahmad Khan (Late). Humara nam be likh lan mhubat karna waloon meen. Lot of memories of that time. It seems that now that I look back a lot of foudnation work was done by the teachers and the environment of T.I. College at that time. The climate of respect and learning has been engrained in our genetics now. Recently I was reading a book from Dr. Pervaz Parvazin sahib " Ahmadiyya Culture" which has few chapters on T.I. College. Jazakallah for working on this website. Wassalm Mohyuddin Mirza 2847-36A Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, Canada -T6T 1Rs phone: 780-463-0652 email:

Photos sent by a dear friend and an aulumni in Canada

Dr. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi Mr.Pervaiz Salahuddin and Mr. Ahmad Jan

Mr. Fazal Ahmad Mr. Mahmood Chaudhry Mr. Mubashar Dar & Qazi Mubarak Ahmad

Mr.Mubashar Shahab Mr. Nasar Chaudhry Mr. Rashid Nadeem & Mr. Rafiq Sultan

Zaheer-ud-Din Babar Mr. Rafi Raza Rafiq-ur-Rehman Rehman and Tariq Bhatti

Mubarak Ahmad Nazir Dr. Saleem Rehman Fazal Ahmad Shahid & M. Sarwar Javaid

Nisar Ahmad, Chaudhry Mubarak Muslehuddin, S. H. Hadi & Malik Hamid

Mr. Pervaiz (Canada), Ch. Waseem Marhoom, Shakeel Ahmed (germany), Mabroor Ahmed (canada), Nasir Atiq (germany), Munir Furrakh (pak) and Sharif ur Rehman (Germany)

Tahir Arif and Abdul Hayee Basharat in Canada

Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan, with Abdul Hayee Basharat and Shaukat Piracha in Canada

Karim and Rashid

Muzaffer Zia, Salam Abdul Jamil (USA), Khalid Aslam (UK), Ch. Fazal (Pak), One of the Bajwas (we have many ) with turban), Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman (US) second last from left

Mubasher Dar, (Can), Farid Ahmad Khan (Canada) and Tahir Hanger (late) Canada

Photos sent by Hadayatullah Hadi - A memorable collection

Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali among his loving students in Canada

Sajjad, Hadi, Col. Raja Mohammad Aslam, Dr. Nasir Parwazi, and Malik Lal Khan

Hadi with Sahibzada Mirza Anas Ahmad in Canada, both are old students of the college

Hadayatulah Hadi and Kalimullah Faizi with Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali

Hadayatulah Hadi, a friend and Hasan Mohammad Arif (an old student) in Canada

Zulfiqar Ahmad Qamar & S. H. Hadi (what a beutiful scene in the background)

Hadayatulah Hadi, Hasan Mohammad Arif and Naseem Sarfraz


Dr. Shamim, Faheem Qudsi and Hadayatulah Hadi


Dr. Inayatullah Mangla with S. H. Hadi and Javed Ahmad Khan and S. H. Hadi


Mian Khalid Amir with Zikriya Virk, amd Malik Lal Khan with S.H.Hadi


Hadayatulah Hadi with Zulfiqar Ahmad Qamar and S. H. Hadi with Basharat Ahmad Nazir


Daud Ahmad Tahir (a retired civil servant) with Hadayatulah Hadi in Canada


Munir-ul-Haq Shahid, Kazi ? and Hadayatulah Hadi


Hadayatulah Hadi, Dr. Nasir Parwazi,and Syed Ahmad Hai


Left to Right : Abdul Hayee Basharat, Tahir Arif, Saeed Ahmad Chattha, Nisar Bajwa



Left to Right : Syed Hadayatullah Hadi, Prof. Chaudhry, Mohammad Sultan Akbar and Munirul Haq Shahid



Left to Right : Dr. Anwar Shamim, Syed Abdul Momin, Abdul Hai Tahir


Left toRight: Mubarak Ahmad Tahir, Munirul Haq Shahid, Naseer Ahmad Khalid, Javaid Ahmad Ch., Abdul Hakeem Khan, Syed Abdul Momin, Naseem Ahmad Sarfarz, Mahmood Ahmad Nasir, Karim Ahmad, Zafar Iqbal, Naeem Qadar, Farhat Nasir


A group of friends in 1964
From Left to Right – Standing : Muniruddin Obedullah, Mohammad Zafar, Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Aftab Ahmad ? Ch. Sharif Ahamd, Iqbal Ahmad Najam, Ataur Rahim Khalid. From Left to Right Sitting : Syed Naseer Ahmad, Nasim Ahmad


Another group of friends in 1960-61
From Left to Right: ( From bottom to top) Row 1: Shamim Ahmad Shakar, 2. Mahmood Ahmad 3. ? 4. ? 5. Hamidullah Pathan, 6. Mohammad Yousuf, 7. Abdul Haleem Loan, 8. Khalil –ur- Rahman Sufi (son of Sufi Matiur Rahman as known Khlailo). Row 2 : 1. ? 2. Massih Ahmad, 3. Abdul Shakoor Bhatti ( Grocery Store in Frankfurt), 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 6. Daud Ahmad, 7. Mohammad Aslam Row 3: 1. Badruddin, 2. ? 3. ? 4. Zahoor Ahmad, 5. Latif Ahmad, 6. S.H. Hadi, 7. Tahir Qazi Row 4: 1. ? 2. Majed Ahmad, 3. ? 4. Mubashar Ahmad ( grandson of Dr. Hashmatullah), 5. Riaz Ahamd, 6. Ghulzar Ahmad Courtesy to Nasim Ahmad, Saint Paul, USA.


Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalid, an old student, visited Canada. Dr. Khalid was on a short training course at the Institute of Education, University of Toronto. He led the delegation that represented the Institution of Education Lahore. (Photo sent by S.H. Hadi.)


Munir Nazeer, Latif Nazeer, S. H. Hadi, Karim Nazeer, Faiz Muhyuddin Qureshi, Ch. Rafiqur Rahman


(1) Dr. Hamid A. Khan, Hadi & Ayyaz M. Khan (2) Rafiq Ahmad Javed, Naseer Ahmad Khalid, Syed Abdul Momin, (3) S. H. Hadi & Mahmood Shams (4) Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Rauf


   Message from Abdul Hai Tahir

      A. Hai Tahir

Dear Professor Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad Sahib
President, T.I.College Old Students Association
First of all congratulations to the successful launch of the Website. It is a wonderful idea and it touches the heart of every student, who has spent time in that institution. I can not stop my self to write few lines, about Talim-ul-Islam College Rabwah. The time spent there from F.Sc to M.Sc, was worth for my whole life. In fact those dedicated teachers. When I look back the strictness and discipline and its implementation by those teachers was their LOVE, their sense of duties, and their urge to transfer of knowledge.They were not by them selves Kings but they were King Makers. Professor Dr. Naseer Ahmed Khan Sahib (may God bless his soul), once visited me in PINSTECH Atomic Energy Commission, Nilore when I was working on a research project while completing my Nuclear Engineering He said to Professor Dr. Sheikh Aftab Ahmed Head of Department of Physics Government College, Lahore, He said we are not king but we are king maker.  

At that time he was attending a science conference in PINSTECH and many of his X-students were in PAEC and he met them. I have no words to thank those professors and lecturers those they were not only covering the curriculum, but they were keeping an eye on the whole personality of the student to help him to overcome the discrepancies and improve or get rid of them. Those they took raw stones and cut and polished them into worth full shiny diamonds. In short T. I. College Rabwah is not only a building, not only a college, not only institution, but it was a Home for us, we were entered like new born and went out with the knowledge, to spread in the world not only to make our ways to live but also to serve the Humanity.
Regards, Abdul Hai Tahir Senior Automation Engineer Kautex Textron, Windsor, Canada


Abdul Hamid Hamidi- in T.I. College from 1969-1971

Hamidi writes: "I was associated with Al-Minar, the College magazine as assistant editor. A comedy was staged in Fazal-e-Umar hostel in Rabwah, in which I was given the first prize for acting as Talkeen Shah. I have unforgettable memories of my stay at TI College. The love I received from the teachers is a valuable asset for the remainder of my life which always warms my heart."
Hamidi has sent the following pictures of himself (now) and of Talkeen Shah (then)

M.A. Rashid Yahya 1986 and A. R. Yahya in 1972 Mohammad Rafiq Zia and Mir Ghulam Ahmad Nasim

M.Mohammad Yar Majoka, A. Hayee Basharat, Manzoor Shad, Tahir Mahmood


M. Sami Tahir, Tahir Ahmad Piracha, Maqsood Ahmad, Basharat Ahmad


Right: Malik Mohammad Yar Majuka, Prof. Mubarak A. Ansari, Mubashar A. Shahab, Munirul Haq Shahid
Left: Mohammad Yar Majuka , Prof. Mubarak A. Ansari, Mazhar Ali Zubairi, Munirul Haq Shahid


Mohammad Aslam Sabir at the time of his gradulation and later with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV

Duration of T.I.College : 1954-1958 President Arabic Society Completed : B.A. Last Degree : M.A. (Arabic) 1961 University of the Punjab, Lahore Faculty member of the Staff : 1962-1996 Secretary Rowing Association, Sarghoda Division Vice President Rowing Association Punjab Retired as Associate Professor Rendered Services: President : Darul Fazal Muhtamim Markazia, Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Rabwah Qaid Majlas Ansarullah Rabwah Naib Nazir Baitul Mal, 1997 Naib Sadar Amoomi Arrived in Canada 2005 Present Status : Professor Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada Matrial Status : Married with Salima Tahira, four sons and four daughters, all married except one son. Mailing Address : 227 Ahmadiyya Avenue, Maple, Ontario, L6A 3A2 Phone : 905-427-2815


Hazrat Maulana Arjumand Khan with his son Lupa at Murrie Hills in 1950


Abul Rashid Khalid, Abdul Shakoor Azhar, Syed Abdul Momin & Usman Mohammad

Zubaid-ur-Rahman Nawaid Hashmi, and Nasim Sarfraz with Hazur, Chaudhry Hameed Ahmad,


   Message from Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad, Hamilton, Canada

      Ch. Hamid Ahmad

Dear Professor Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad Sahib
President, T.I.College Old Students Association
Since I cannot write on account of my eye problem, please convey my salam and request for prayers to all friends all over the world. My family shifted from Sialkot on account after the anti-Ahmadiyya riots in 1953. I was then in 5th class. I matriculated in 1958 and joined Talim-ul-Islam College Rabwah. Some of my class mates were: Hamid Ahmad Khan (late), Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Saeed Chawinda, Bashir Akhtar (now in U.K) Shahid Qureshi, Bashir Salik. In the college I played cricket and football and was a member of the Rowing Team that won Punjab University Rowing Champioship in 1963. I gradulated in 1964 and joined Commerce Bank as an officer. This bank was later taken over by United Bank. I retired in 2000 and migrated to the United States and later to Canada, where I am now living with my son in Hamillton. Unfortunately I lost my eyesight during a heart operation. I request all friends to remember me in prayers. Jazakumullah.
Hamid Ahmad


The following list of T.I. College old students has been provided by S. H. Hadi
Prof. Abdus Sami Tahir, Winnipeg
Muzaffar Ahmad. Ch. Vancouver
Yousuf Ayyaz , Vancouver
Mian Mohammad Anis, Calgary
Dr. Mirza Muyuddin, Edminton
Abdul Basir Hayee, Ottawa
Dr. Saleemur Rahman, Ottawa

Hasan Mohammad Khan Arif
Mubarak Ahmad Qazi
Mohammad Ashraf
Mohammad Zubair Mangala
Abdul Hafeez Khalifa
Munirul Haq Shahid
Abdul Shakoor Azhar
Qureshi Faiz Muyuddin
Javaid Ahmad Khan (State)
Mohammad Rafiq Zia
Mian Mohammad Siddiq
Sajjad Ahmad Malik
Kalimullah Faizi
Perwaiz Salahuddin
Laiq Sultan
Syed Mohammad Ahsan Gurdaizi
Wasim Ahmad Khan
Afzal Naveed
Rashid Nadeem
Fazal Ahmad Shahid
Khuwaja Barkatullah Tahir
Mohammad Naeem Khalid
Mohammad Tariq Shibli
Kaleem Ahmad Malik
Abdur Rashid Yahya
Tariq Mahmood KhanZahoor
Khalid Mahmood Khan Zahoor
Syed Abdul Momin
Naeem Ahmad Tayyeb
Kamaluddin Habib
Naseer Ahmad Tayyeb
Laiq Ahmad Khurshid
Karim Ahmad Tahir
Muniruddin Obaidullah
Mubarak Ahmad Naeem
Masood Badar
Hashmi, Zubaidur Rahman Naveed s/o Junaid Hashmi
Basharat Abdul Hayee
Abdul Latif Ch. Engineer
Tanveer Ahmad Shah – Dawakhana Khadmat-e-Khalq
Nasir Ahmad Vance b/o Aslam Sabar
Ch. Abdul Hakim Dogar
Ch. Abdul Haleem Dogar
Ch. Abdul Karim Dogar
Ch. Abul Waheed Dogar
Ch. Abdur Rashid Dogar
Malik Abdur Rashid s/o Mualana Mohammad Ahmad Saqib
Malik Massod Ahmad
Tariq Hyder s/o Shafiq Qaiser
Nasir Mahmood
Habibur Rahman Dard
Basit Awan
Dr. Abdur Rauf Ghani, Bukro
Prof. Dr. Abdul Shakoor Ghani, Jos
Abur Rab Khan, Headmaster T.I. High School



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