Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah.


Message from Maulana Fazal Elahi Anweri

After having matriculated from Govrnment High School Bhera in 1944, Maulana Fazal Elahi Anwari, who was the first student to be on the rolls of the college at Qadian in 1944. In recognition of his merit for having stood first in his school in the matriculation examination he was given roll number one. After his B.Sc. Maulana Anweri joined the Jamia Ahmadiyya and later rendered immense services to the Jamaat as missionary and Amir in Germany, Nigeria and Ghana. He has sent the following message to the association:

   Fazal Elahi Anweri, Obertshausen / Germany

      F. I. Amweri

Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah,
With extreme pleasure and happiness I have learnt that a website has been opened which aims at recording memories relating to the Talimul Islam College in a collective form. Being one among the first batch of students joining the college in 1944, I have appreciated very much the idea and wish the organising committee every success in their venture to revive the memoirs connected with the college in one way or the other. It is a pity, however, that the college, from its very infancy, had to pass through odds and adversities. First, it was started at a time when the second word war was at the zenith of its horrors and holocaust and, on account of that, there prevailed dearth of every thing- of basic necessities of life, of money, of material and even of staff and students.

Then, hardly two years had elapsed, when it had to migrate to Lahore as a result of the partition of Indo-Pak subcontinent, leaving its beautiful building at the mercy of non.Muslim refugees settling in Qadian. There, at Lahore, the college was restarted as if from a scratch, first in a forsaken house of Dr. Khaim Singh in the Canal Park; then in the utterly ruined building of D. A. V College, Lahore. I , a student of the third year, still remember how each and every window was reconstructed to give the totally devastated building the shape of a house worthy to live. When, after the Jama'at had spent enormous wealth on it, repairing every inch of the building and establishing science laboratories etc., then orders came, all of a sudden, to vacate the building for another purpose.. T.I. College was then shifted to Rabwah in an altogether newly constructed building. In 1974 it was taken, nay confiscated by the then Government of Pakistan in the name of the so called "nationalisation". The college still exists but with little effort to restore it to its past glory. Fazal Elahi Anweri


Message from Dr. Naeem Ahmad Tahir
Member Executive Committee, TICOSA

   Dr. N. A. Tahir, Darmstadt / Germany

      Dr. N. A. Tahir

It is a matter of great pleasure to know that finally, the "Association of the T. I. College Old Students" has been formed. Thanks to Professor Chaudhry Hameed Ahmad Sahib and other friends who worked strenuously to achieve this goal. The main purpose of this organization is to keep the luminous traditions and high values of this great institution alive. I joined T. I. College Rabwah as an F. Sc. student in 1966. Although by that time Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifa tul Masih III was not the Principal of the college anymore, nevertheless the high moral, ethical and educational standards that were achieved during his leadership were still there. Since the majority of the professors were Waqifin, they did their job with a missionary spirit that was apparent from the extremely good results that were achieved every year.  

One always felt a family like atmosphere in the college because the teachers were caring and generous, always ready to support the students whenever they required help. At that time Professor Qazi Mohammad Aslam Sahib was the principal. Some other names that I remember are Professor Chaudhri Mohammad Ali, Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan, Professor Sultan Mahmood Shahid, Professor Mian Ata ur Rehman, Professor Chaudhri Hameed Ullah, Professor Chaudhri Hameed Ahmad, Professor Abdur Rashid Ghani, Professor Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Professor Basharat ur Rehman and Professor Masud Atif.
In 1970 the T. I. College, Rabwah was granted permission by the University of Punjab to offer M. Sc. degree in Physics which was a great step forward in the history of the college. It was the tireless and sincere efforts of the late Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan under the auspices of Hazrat Khalifa tul Massih III that made such an important thing to happen.
I obtained a B. Sc. degree from the T. I. College in 1970 and was interested in doing an M. Sc. in Physics. In those days, the University of Punjab Lahore and the Government College Lahore were popular places for doing a Masters Degree as they were well established institutions with good reputation. On the other hand, at the T. I. College, this facility was only one year old. However, due to the excellent experience I had during my four year stay, I decided to join M. Sc. Physics courses at T. I. College, Rabwah. This opened a new chapter in my life. Although over thirty years have passed since I finished my studies at T. I. College, I still cherish the sweet memories of those days. During my professional life I have had the chance to work at numerous very good universities and excellent research centers all over the world which helped me to improve my worldly knowledge tremendously. However, nowhere in the world I could find the high moral and ethical standards that I experienced at the T. I. College, Rabwah.
Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan who was the Head of the Physics Department, took personal care for the wellbeing of every student and did everything possible to provide the students with all the necessary means and facilities to achieve success. His aim was twofold. First to encourage the students to show excellent performance in M. Sc. exams and do better than students at other institutions and second to prepare them for higher education abroad after they finish the Masters. Until the college was taken over by the Government of Pakistan, the students from the T. I. College always showed excellent performance compared to the University of Punjab and the Government College Lahore. Most of those students later obtained higher education abroad and now have responsible positions in different European Countries and the United States. I would also like to acknowledge the support and generosity of the late Professors Mian Ata ur Rehman and Masud Atif who were very kind and helpful to all the students. Late Professor Dr. Abdus Salam also visited the college a number of times and in his speeches he always urged the audience to excel in different fields of science and technology. His advice and encouragement was instrumental in shaping the future of many of the students. Finally, I would like to mention that all the success that was achieved during those years was made possible due to the full support, guidance and prayers of Hazrat Khalifa tul Massih III. wassalam Naeem A. Tahir


Letter of our Habib Ullah Tariq

   Habib Ullah Tariq / Germany

      Habib Ullah Tariq

My Dear Prof. Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad Sahib,
May Allah grant you a long life of health and peace of mind. It was a long standing desire that a platform should be provided, where the old students and teachers could somehow reunite together. This was not an easy task. Years passed by, but this desire remained unfulfilled. Thanks to your efforts, that dream has been realised. May Allah bless your efforts and enable you to carry this difficult task further forward. I hope all of us shall give you full support in this noble work. Formation of the T.I. College Old Students Association is a historic event, like the founding of the college itself in 1944. I have seen the website and found it extremely interesting and inspiring.

The college has produced several heroes in all walks of life, and the website provides a glimpse of the fact. I assure you my full support and hope many others like me will love to provide you the assistance you need. May Allah bless you for that. After having matriculated from T. I. High School, I joined T. I. College in 1970 and participated in most of the extra-curricular activities of the college. I was an active member of the Students Union and held several offices in the Union and Bazam-e-Urdu. I represented the college in many All Pakistan Inter-collegiate Debates and wron trophies for the college. I was also President of the College Economics society from 1974-75. I was a member of the college Rowing team that won the Punjab University Championship in 1974. In 1976 I migrated to Germany, where I am comfortably settled and am running my own business. Alhamdo Lillah.
Habib Ullah Tariq
Segeberger Str. 42, 23845 Itzstedt, Germany
Tel: 04535-8515


Message from Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, Frankfurt/Germany

   Mirza Mahmood Ahmad / Frankfurt

      Mirza Mahmood Ahmad

It gives me a great pleasure to express my feelings about my Alma Mater and its respected teachers for whom I can not find words to extend my thanks. Who took me from crayon to perfume and taught me right from wrong. I sometimes hum the hindi song” Ko’ee lauta day mairay Beetay ho’wee din”. It took us years to cross the wall which separated Talim ul Islam High School and College. Though, we could get few glimpses from the Boarding House windows opened towards the College and always wished to be in the premises one day wearing a black “gown”. At last the day came when we were filling in the admission forms to join the first year of the college. It appeared as if all the 10th grades from from all over Pakistan had moved over to this new premises with some exceptions to obtain the best education and discipline.  

There was no “ First Year Fooling” like in most of the other colleges, but a warm welcome from seniors. Although the building itself wasn’t all that grandiose and spectacular but inside, we had the best teachers who in spite of all financial constrains did their utmost to maintain a standard which was a peculiarity of the college and a matter of pride for parents and students. This esteemed institution produced intellectuals who attained key posts and ranks in civil and judicial services of the country as well as in Armed forces of Pakistan.
Even in games like Basketball and Rowing College kept a name for years not only at college level but at University level also. 4 years went like a wind, and we were out of the premises again with tears in our eyes, For which we dreamed for years. But the slogan “ Ilm-o-Aml” remained with us and will be our integral part till our last breath. I owe a lot to this institution. I salute all the members of Talim-ul-Islam College. HATS OFF FOR Talim-ul-Islam College.
I wish all the best for the hardworking team behind this website.
Mahmood A. MIRZA ( Frankfurt, Germany)



Developing phases of Habibullah Tariq

Habib Tariq 1970 Habib in 1973 in T. I. College Habib 1977 in Germany and a businessman


Aizaz with Khalifatul Masih IV in Germany and Tariq with Khalifatul Masih IV at Qadian

Aizaz and some T.I. College basketballers in Germany

Aizaz Rasool won many honours for the college and the for the nation

Aizaz Rasool, Chaudhry Naeem-ud-Din and Hafeez-ur-Rehman in Hamburg - Germany

(Right to Left) Syed Ilyas Bashir Ahmad, Dr. Mohammad Shafiq Saigol, Munawar Shamim Khalid and Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad in Germany

Chaudhry Anwar Ahmad Kahlon and Chaudhry Abdul Aziz Dogar with old students of T. I. College Malik Salim Nasir (USA), Mobashar Kahlon (Germany) and Zinda Mahmood Bajwa (USA)

Abdus Salam Cheema and Abdul Majeed Tahir receiving Bachelors degrees from Principal Q. M. Aslam

Maazallah Bhatti, Jalil Ahmad Zafar Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Ch. Nasir Ahmad

Munawar Ahmad Bajwa, Khaliq Akhtar Basra, Zulfiqar A. Qamar, Mohhamd Riaz Navid

Naseer Ahmad and friends

Majeed Tahir with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III

Our dear departed friend Abaidullah Bajwa wih Naseer Ahmad

Pofessor Chaudhry Hameedullah among his pupils in Germany

The lucky ones with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III

Mirza Mahmood Ahmad with Hazur and with Naseer

Naseer Ahmad and friends

Abdur-ur-Rehman Mobashar and friends

Mobashar Ahmad Kahlon and friends (names not known)

Chaudhry Naz Ahmad Nasir is a great friend of the association.

Old boys with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV

Jalsa provides opportunity for friends to meet

Syed Ilays Bashir Ahmad, Dr. Shafiq Saigol, Munawar S. Khalid and Hamid Ahmad

Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Shaukat Piracha and Abdul Hayee Basharat

Munawar Ahmad Bajwa with a working colleague

Dr. Mohammad Sahfiq Saigol (Amir Multan) and Prof. Hamid Ahmad in Germany

Abdul Ghafoor Dogar,Saeed Ahmad, Abdul Hakim Dogar, Prof.Hamid Ahmad, Abdul Razzak Dogar, Abdul Hannan Dogar, (old Students) with Herr Horst Schaefer (a Judge) and Ch. A. Abdul Aziz Dogar

Some old students with Herr Schäder, a friendly German Judge

Daud Tahir with some Old Students in Frankfurt - 28.11.2007

A student with an affectionate teacher (Hamid Ahmad with Dr. S.M. Shahid)

Some children of old boys

Some parents of old boys

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Malik (USA), Khalil Ahmad Bajwa (UK), Mirza Mahmood Ahmad (Germany), Malik Mahmood Ahmad (UK) and Naseer-ul-Haq (Sweden) Mohammad Din Mangla


Old Students of the college who migrated to Germany in early 70s outside Nur Masjid Frankfurt.
Masood Ahmad Jehlami, himself an old student can be seen in the centre.
(photo provided by Saima, daughter of Mansoor Ahmad Kahlon Marhoom)


Another groupf of old Students outside Nur Masjid Frankfurt
(photo provided by Saima, daughter of Mansoor Ahmad Kahlon Marhoom)


Still another groupf of old Students outside Nur Masjid Frankfurt
(photo provided by Saima, daughter of Mansoor Ahmad Kahlon Marhoom)


Many of our old students participated in the first Jalsa Salana of Germany
(Photo sent by Munawar Ahmad Bajwa)


Our Munir Bajwa is an expert horse rider. Receiving prize from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III

Munir Bajwa took part in Neza Bazi competition held at Rabwah and won the first prize


Mahmood and Baseer Hai (Canada)

Syed Mahmood Zaman Abbasi, Abdus Salam Cheema , Majid Ahmad Tahir and Saleemuddin Khan


Abdul Majeed Tahir, M. Ishaq Athar Khan, Syed Shahid Tawab Makhdum 1967 & in 2001


Dr.Kamal-ud-Din, Shafiq Akhtar Basra, Maazallah Bhatti & Hamidu Rajab Mbano


Choudhry Anis Ahmad, Aburl Ghafoor Dogar, Abdul Razzak Dogar, Sharafatullah Khan,


We urgently require email or postal address of the following personalities and shall be grateful for help . Sahibzada Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali, Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Chaudhry Mubarak Muslehuddin, Mr. Sameeullah Sial, Chaudhry Mahmood Ahmad Kahlon (B.T.), Mr. Shahid Ahmad Saadi, Sahibzada Mirza Anas Ahmad, Sahibzada Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Sahibzada Mirza Hanif Ahmad, Shibzada Mirza Azhar Ahmad, Mahmood Ahmad Khan (Pilot), Nawab Farooq Ahmad Khan,Sahibzada Mirza Rafiq Ahmad, Maulana Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid, Maulana Ata-ul-Karim, Ata-ul-Rahim, Mohammad Akram, Mohammad Arshad, Prof. Rafiq Ahmad Saqib, Sh. Munawar Shamim Khalid, Prof. Faiz-ur-Rehman Faizi, Mian Waseem Ahmad, Prof.Maqbool Elahi Janjua, Malik Masood Ahmad , Shahid Ahmad Saadi, Chaudhry Hameed Nasrullah Khan, Chaudhry Idrees Nasrullah Khan (Canada), Mr. Maudood Ahmad Khan (Karachi), Abdul Basit (Norway), Raja Ghalib Ahmad (Lahore), Mr. Waseem Ahmad Chaudhry (UK), Mr. Basharat Ahmad Nazir, Mr. Basharat Ahmad Jameel, (Canada), Dr. Zafar Ahmad Vaince, Rashid Ahmad Javed, Rana Mohammad Khan – Bahawal Nagar, Mr. Daud Tahir, Mr. Tahir Arif, Dr. Mirza Mobashar Ahmad, Dr. Mirza Laeeq Ahmad, Dr Mian Zaheer Ahmad, Kaleemullah Khan (USA), Mian Waseem Ahmad (USA), Khawaja Zafar Ahmad (Sialkot), Chaudhry Nazeer Ahmad Kahlon (Los Angeles), Dr. Mohammad Zafar Barelvi Qureshi, Malik Karim Ahmad, Chaudhry Mahfoorz-ur- Rehman, Chaudhry Ata-ur-Rehman, Dr. Mohammad Shafiq Sehgal, Mr. Daud Tahir, Prof. Mubarak Abid, Prof. Mohammad Sultan Akbar, Prof. Abdul Jaleel Sadiq, and all those who have interest in the membership of the old students association of T. I. College Rabwah. The fact is that it is impossible to try to complete the list of old students. There are many senior to me and many that came to the college after me. I request all those, young and old, who love their alma mater, the principals and teachers, to join us make this venture a success. I wish to create a separate chapter for those dear ones, who are no longer with us and will be grateful to friends who provide me with their photos. ......Please help us via email:............


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