In the name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful

Memories of the dear departed souls

T.I.College Old Students Association Germany arrnaged special meeting in memory of the professors, who have passed away. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V kindly sent a special message for this occasion. Members of the association made speeches and read our papers on the lives of the founding Principal, Hazrat Miza Nasir Ahmad, Prof. Mohammad Abdul Qadir, Prof. Soofi Basharat-ur-Rahman, Prof. Mian Ata-ur-Rehman, Prof. Ch. Mohammad Sharif Khalid, Maulana Arjumand Khan, Prof. Habibullah Khan, Prof. Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan,
Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali Sahib, Prof. Dr. Sultan Mahmood Shahid, Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Prof. Mubarak Ahmad Ansari (Canada) , Imam Bashir Ahmad Rafiq (London), Dr. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi, Mohammad Zikria Virk and Syed Hadayatullah Hadi (Canada) sent special messages for the occasion. Prof. Munawar Shamim Khalid and his brother Nasir Ahmad Khalid also sent their memories of their father, Prof. Mahhboob Alam Khalid. These are only some of the friends whose names are being mentioned, but there are many many other old students who have sent their wishes and prayers. Some of the messages are being placed below for the benefit of our brothers who could not attend the meeting.

Message from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V

Irfan Ahmad Khan, president of TICOSA inaugurated the meeting and welcomed the guests

The meeting started with recitation of the Holy Quran,by Mirza Mahmood ahmad

Prof. Hamid Ahmad, Patron and Irfan Ahmad Khan, president of TICOSA addressing the gathering

Maulana Fazal Elahi Anwari and Mohammad Ahmad Anwar relating their memorie of the college and staff

Mobashar Kahlon spoke on Prof. Qazi Mohammad Aslam & Majeed Tahir on Chaudhry Mohammad Sharif Khalid

A view of the stage: Mobashar Kahlon, Prof. Hamid, M. A. Amwar, Majeed Tahir, F.I.Anweri, S.M.A. Gardezi

A view of audience

Another view of the audience

Another view of the audience


Usman Khan, Mohammad Ishaq Athar, Makhdoom Shahid Tawab and Hameedullah Zafar read out speeches written for the occasion

Maazallah Bhatti, Syed Mohammad Ahmad Gardezi, Masroor Ahmad Bajwah and Khaliq Akhtar Basra also read out speeches written for the occasion


Message from Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali Sahib, Rabwah

Memories of dear departed souls - Prof. Dr. Sultan Mahmood Shahid, Rabwah

Message from Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah Sahib, Rabwah

Memories of bygone days-Imam Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, London

Memories of Porf. Habibullah Khan written by Prof. Mubarak Ahmad Ansari, Canada

Memories of bygone days-Abul Rahim Bhutta, Amir Jamat Ahmadiyya, Vehari, Pakistan

Message from Prof. Dr. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi. Canada

Message from Syed Hadayatullah Hadi, Canada

Message from Prof. Munawar Shamim Khalid, Rabwah (to be added later)

Message from Nasir Ahmad Khalid, Pakistan (to be added later)

Message from Mohammad Zakariya Virk, Canada (to be added later)

Memories of Ch. Mohammad Sharif Khalid by Ch. Abdul Majid Tahir (to be added later)




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