In the name of ALLAH the Gracious the Merciful

In memory of Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Marhoom

T.I.College Old Students Association Germany arrnaged a special meeting in memory of our loving friend and brother Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, who expired on 18th of June 2010.
Mahmood's Janaza prayer was led by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V in Bait-us-Sabuh on 21st June and he was burried in the graveyard near Masjid Noor, Frankfurt on 22.06.2010.
Inna Lillahe wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon. May his soul rest in perfect peace. The association held a general meeting in which a formal condolence resolution was passed,
copies of which were sent to Hazrat Khalfatul Masih, Mahmood's wife and childreen and the brothers and sister and other members of his family. Here are glimpses
of the meedting.We are grateful to Dr. DAud Ahmad Tahir, who came from London along with Khalill Ahmad Bajwa and Malik Mahmood (guard)
for the funeral of Mirza Mahmood Ahmad and has the following photos.



Irfan Ahmad Khan, president of TICOSA inaugurated the meeting and welcomed the guests

Mirza Naseer Ahmad (uncle), Mirza Masood Ahmad (brother), Mirza Mansoor Ahmad (brother), Omar Mahmood Mirza (son)
Prof. Hamid Ahmad (Patron TICOSA), Usman Mahmood Mirza (son), Dr. Khalil Malik (brother-in-law)

Some of the members of the T. I. College Old Students Association who participated in the meeting. More photos shall follow, when available

Malik Mahmood Ahmad (guard), Chaudhry Abdul Majeed Tahir

Hamid Ramah and Chaudhry Naseer Ahmad

HDr. Khalil Ahmad (USA) and Mirza Naseer Ahmad (London)


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