In the name of ALLAH the Gracious the Merciful

Prominent students of the college

The college, as a major educational institution of Pakistan, has produced some of the most prominent personalities, among them Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V.

Most of its students are now heading different departments in the central organisation of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya - are:

Sahibzada Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Chaudhry Hameedullah, Maulana Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, Sahibzada Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Chaudhry Mubarak Muslehuddin, Samiullah Sial, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Mirza Anas Ahmad, Mohammad Aslam Mangla, Malik Masood Ahmad, Shahid Ahmad Saadi, Chaudhry Mahmood Ahmad Kahlon, Mohammad Qasim Khan, Syed Tahir Ahmad and others whose names shall be added later.

There are so many names from the youngr generation, which are not known to us, the older ones.

Among those who served the nation in various capacities are:

Mr. Kanwar Idrees, a former Minister in the Sindh government, Mr. Mohammad Islam Bhatti, retired Judge Punjab High Court, Mian Ehsan-ul-Haq, former MNA, Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad (Haji) of Sheikhupura (deceased) former MPA, Mr. Faiz Aslam (deceased) Sessions Judge, Mr. Saeed Ahmad Khan Rehmani, Aftab Ahmad, Daud Ahmad Tahir, Secretary to the Government of Pakistan (retired) and Raja Ghalib Ahmad (former Chairman, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Sargodha and Chairman Punjab Text-book board) Mr. Tahir Arif and Mohammad Rashid Sharif (deceased), Syed Ilyas Bashir Ahmad, who served PIA in several senior positions and lives a life of retirement in Holand, are some who served the nation.

There are many who served the Pakistan Armed forced and rose to high ranks, before the constitutional discriminatory treatment of Ahmadis in the country started. The few names that I can remeber are Wing Commander (retired) Rashid Ahmad Qaisrani, Navy Captain (retired) Shamim Ahmad Khalid, Col.(retired) Raja Mohammad Aslam, Col.(retired) Salim Ahmad Nasir, Saeed Ahmad, Shahid Ahmad Kahlon (deceased), Shahid Ahmad Saadi, Syed Ansar Ahmad Shaheed and many many more.

Among others, there ae Missionaries, who preached Islam in both East and West. Among them Maulanan Fazal Elahi Anwari, Masood Ahmad Jehlami, Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, Ata-ul-Majeeb Rashad, Maulana Mansoor Ahmad Omar, Chaudhry Mahmood Ahmad Kahlon, Maulana Ata-ul-Karim, Maulana Mohammad Anwar Qureshi and many many more.

Among other personalities who the college is proud to have produced are Chaudhry Hamid Nasarulah Khan, the Amir of Lahore, Nawab Maudood Ahmad Khan, the Amir of Karachi, Dr. Mohammad Shafiq Sehgal, Amir of Multan. Dr. Shafiq Saigol has the honour of being the first of the college students, who did a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of London. Dr. Saigol, preferred to join his family business and developed it further, but he was most of the time in East Pakistan. After break away of the country, he returned to West Pakistan and established an oil mill in Multan. Rana Mohammad Khan, Amir of Bahawal Nagar was also once in the college. Among the prominent lawyers are Mujeebur Rehman, Mian Abdus Sammi Noon, Chaudhry Idrees Nasrullah Khan, Mr. Mobashar Latif, Khawaja Mukhtar Ahmad, Mian Waheed Saleem, deceased, Chaudhry Abdul Rehman (C.A.Rehman) deceased, Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad (deceased), Mian Ehsanul Haq (ex MNA), Mr. Basharat Ahmad, Mr. Abid Ali Butter.

Among the engineers are Chaudhry Ata-ur-Rehamn, Malik Lal Khan, Malik Karim Ahmad,Mohammad Mujeeb Asghar, Sultan Ahmad, Mohammad Amjad Khan (deceased) and many others.

The list of medical doctors is too long and cannot be reproduced here. Amost the earliest Dr. Mohammad Zafar Qureshi(Tucon-U.S.A), Dr. Hamid Ahmad Khan (deceased), Dr. Khalil Ahmad (deceased), Dr.Mirza Mobashar Ahmad, Dr. Mian Zaheer Ahmad, Dr. Mirza Laeeq Ahmad and many others whose names shall be added later.

Among others who are serving the Jamaat are Waseem Ahmad Chaudhry,Sadar Ansarullah U.K., Waseem was also a secretary of our active college students union. Most friendly and hospitable like his respected father Chaudhry Mahfooz-ur-Rehman. Malik Lal Khan, Naib Amir Canada, who was once an Imam of non-Ahmadi students in Fazal-e-Omar hostel and now is a deputy leader of one of the most active Amadiyya communities in the world. Khawaja Abdul Basit, Amir Denmark. Basit was one of the best Kabaddi players of his times and a member of the college Rowing team. He played basket-ball as well. I do not remeber any game that he did not play. Zartashat Munir Ahmad, Amir Norway. Malik Karim Ahmad (Engineer- Canada), Hadayatullah Hadi (Canada), Basharat Ahmad Nazir (Canada), Zakariya Wirk, Malik Safiullah Khan, Malik Mujeebullah, Chaudhry Nazir Ahmad, who won Punjab University Championship in Shot put several times and is now in Los Angeles. He was and probably is the only one who has won the Punjab University Championship in Shot Put and Discs. Chaudhry Nazir Ahmad has provided several efficient officers to the American police force in LA. Dr. Basharat Ahmad Jameel, Chaudhry Jalal-ud-Din (LA), Dr. Mohammad Zafar Qureshi has built a wonderful Ahmadiyya Mosque in Tucson-Arizona purelyy on his own expence and has built a town named Rabwah on a hill in Tucson. Kaleemullah Khan (USA), Falauhhdin (USA), Saeed Majeed (USA), Dr. Safee U. Chaudhry (USA), Asif Ali Perwez, Mohammad Ali Tawuni, Mubarak Ahmad Abid, Mashhoodul Haq, Maqsoodul Haq, Munirul Haq, Naseerul Haq, Mohammad Ali (UK) and many many others whose names shall be included as soon as we ar informed of their particulars and whereabouts. Among those who have achieved excellence in their respective academic fields are Dr. Munir Rashid, Dr. Shafiq Saigol, Dr. Zafar Ahmad Vains, Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, Dr. Inayatullah Mangla, Dr. Munawar Anees, Dr. Naeem Ahmad Tahir, (We are lucky to have Dr. Naeem Tahir as our vice-president. Dr. N. A. Tahir has earned an international fame in his field. He frequently represents Germany in International seminars.) Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad - Karachi, Dr. Mirza Muhiyuddin (USA), Dr. Zafarullah (USA). Malik Salim Nasir, Malik Karim Ahmad (sons of Hazrat Maulvi Zahoor Hussain - Missionary Of Bukhara (Russia), and many many more....(I am extremely sorry to have failed to record many names of my dear dear friends who have earned name and fame on account of their intellectual performance. I shall be grateful for being reminded of the omissions.)

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    The three most prominent old students of the college

    Sahibzada Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Hazrat Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad and Ch. Hamidullah


    Another three prminent old students of the college

    Khalil Ahmad Bajwa, Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad and Saeed Ahmad Chatta


    Dr. Abdul Karim, Ch. Hamid Nasrullah Khan, Mr. Kunwar Idris, Raja Ghalib Ahmad and Imam B. A. Rafiq


    Some of our old students, led by Mirza Mahmmod Ahmad met Hazur on 18.07.2008

    Khalil Ahmad Bajwa, Khalid Aslam, Chaudhry Wasim Ahmad, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V, Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, Mahmood Khan and Omar Mahmood


    Mr. Mohammad Munir Akhtar - jopined T.I.C. Qadian in 1946 (see biography on the relevant page)


    Comannder Mohammad Aslam Chaudhry. He graduated from the college in 1951


    Message from Mr. Kunwar Idrees, retired Chief Secretary, Sindh
    Chairman Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers' Asociation (PAMA)

       Kunwar Idrees, Karachi

          Mr.Kunwar Idrees

    My Dear Hamid,

    I was at TI College for two years 1952-54 when it was at Lahore but received my BA degree in its first convocation at Rabwah. Later, in 1957, I also taught at the college for three or four months before joining the Civil Service of Pakistan in the September of that year.
    Both periods had a bearing on my character and career disproportionate to the time spent in the college. The presence of the Principal Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad was overwhelming and caring. He commanded affection and respect without asking for it. The future even then seem to beckon him to an exalted responsibility.

    I had the singular honour of being his only student in political science and then headed the students union and edited the English section of the college magazine. Among my teachers (who later were also my colleagues for a short while) I count Chaudhry Mohammad Ali, Sufi Basharat Rehman, Dr Naseer Ahmad Khan, Dr Sultan Mahmud Shahid, Dr Naseer Bashir, M.A. Khalid, Ch. Ataullah, Mirza Khurshid Ahmad and Maulana Abulata Jullundhri. Akhwand Abdul Qadir and Abbas bin Abdul Qadir (Shaheed) were among my teachers but when I returned to teach in 1957, the former had retired and latter had left to join the government education service. Each one of them was worth his weight in gold, some much more.
    I learnt recently that Iftikhar Ayaz now of Britain is the same guy, two years junior to me, who was secretary of the college union when I was it’s president. At the 2005 UK Jalsa I also ran into Afzal Turki who lost the election to Iftikhar though he was in my camp.
    You are right! I do come across my students despite a teaching stint of just four months unexpectedly and in all parts of the world. I saw Pervez Pervazi, an Urdu scholar and a gregarious character for the first time after 1957 at Toronto last summer. Almost 20 years ago on an extended tour of Europe I landed in London with an excruciating tooth-ache and that too on a Sunday. My host and cousin C.M.Khalid took me to the only dentist in that metropolis who would possibly agree to see me. He did and detected the source of pain which had earlier eluded some advanced dental hospitals of the continent. That apart, dentist Waliullah wouldn’t hear of a fee for he had been my student. One could not expect a better reward just for four months of teaching quarter of a century later.
    Permit me to end this message on a poignant note. The college since nationalization has fallen into ruins both in academic and physical terms. Its alumni, especially those living in Europe and North America, owe it to the community and the country to mount a huge campaign to get it back and make it a kind of Abdus Salam’s “Trieste Centre” in Pakistan. With best wishes for your venture,
    Kunwar Idris
    10th December 2005
    Tel Office: +92 21 5662493
    Tel Residence: +92 21 5874155
    Fax: + 92 21 5687247


    Message from Dr. Naeem Ahmad Tahir
    Member Executive Committee, TICOSA

       Dr. N. A. Tahir, Darmstadt / Germany

          Dr. N. A. Tahir

    It is a matter of great pleasure to know that finally, the "Association of the T. I. College Old Students" has been formed. Thanks to Professor Chaudhry Hameed Ahmad Sahib and other friends who worked strenuously to achieve this goal. The main purpose of this organization is to keep the luminous traditions and high values of this great institution alive. I joined T. I. College Rabwah as an F. Sc. student in 1966. Although by that time Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifa tul Masih III was not the Principal of the college anymore, nevertheless the high moral, ethical and educational standards that were achieved during his leadership were still there. Since the majority of the professors were Waqifin, they did their job with a missionary spirit that was apparent from the extremely good results that were achieved every year.  

    One always felt a family like atmosphere in the college because the teachers were caring and generous, always ready to support the students whenever they required help. At that time Professor Qazi Mohammad Aslam Sahib was the principal. Some other names that I remember are Professor Chaudhri Mohammad Ali, Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan, Professor Sultan Mahmood Shahid, Professor Mian Ata ur Rehman, Professor Chaudhri Hameed Ullah, Professor Chaudhri Hameed Ahmad, Professor Abdur Rashid Ghani, Professor Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Professor Basharat ur Rehman and Professor Masud Atif.
    In 1970 the T. I. College, Rabwah was granted permission by the University of Punjab to offer M. Sc. degree in Physics which was a great step forward in the history of the college. It was the tireless and sincere efforts of the late Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan under the auspices of Hazrat Khalifa tul Massih III that made such an important thing to happen.
    I obtained a B. Sc. degree from the T. I. College in 1970 and was interested in doing an M. Sc. in Physics. In those days, the University of Punjab Lahore and the Government College Lahore were popular places for doing a Masters Degree as they were well established institutions with good reputation. On the other hand, at the T. I. College, this facility was only one year old. However, due to the excellent experience I had during my four year stay, I decided to join M. Sc. Physics courses at T. I. College, Rabwah. This opened a new chapter in my life. Although over thirty years have passed since I finished my studies at T. I. College, I still cherish the sweet memories of those days. During my professional life I have had the chance to work at numerous very good universities and excellent research centers all over the world which helped me to improve my worldly knowledge tremendously. However, nowhere in the world I could find the high moral and ethical standards that I experienced at the T. I. College, Rabwah.
    Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan who was the Head of the Physics Department, took personal care for the wellbeing of every student and did everything possible to provide the students with all the necessary means and facilities to achieve success. His aim was twofold. First to encourage the students to show excellent performance in M. Sc. exams and do better than students at other institutions and second to prepare them for higher education abroad after they finish the Masters. Until the college was taken over by the Government of Pakistan, the students from the T. I. College always showed excellent performance compared to the University of Punjab and the Government College Lahore. Most of those students later obtained higher education abroad and now have responsible positions in different European Countries and the United States. I would also like to acknowledge the support and generosity of the late Professors Mian Ata ur Rehman and Masud Atif who were very kind and helpful to all the students. Late Professor Dr. Abdus Salam also visited the college a number of times and in his speeches he always urged the audience to excel in different fields of science and technology. His advice and encouragement was instrumental in shaping the future of many of the students. Finally, I would like to mention that all the success that was achieved during those years was made possible due to the full support, guidance and prayers of Hazrat Khalifa tul Massih III. wassalam Naeem A. Tahir


    Prof. Mobashar Latif, M. Mujib Asghar, Sh. Riaz Mahmood and Capt. Shamim Ahmad Khalid


    Rashid Qaisrani is one of the most prominent old students of the college. He was one of the best debators, best sportsmen that the college is proud to have produced. Retired as a senior Officer of the Pakistan Air Force, he is an excellent poet. He was one of the poineering editors of the college magazine, Almanar. The photos below shows Majid Tahir with Rashid Qaisrani


    Laique Ahmad, Mubarak Ahmad Ansari, Munir Ahmad Munib, Rafiq Ahmad Saqib- all old students



    Chairs (L to R) Sh. Mahboob Alam Khalid, Ch. Mohammad Ali, Soofi Basharat-ur-Rahman, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Prof. Siraj Din, Mian Ata-ur-Rehman, Dr. S. M. Shahid, Khan Habib Ullah Khan, Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan

    Standing (first row L to R) Ch. Hameedullah, Ibrahim Nasir, Sahibzada Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Ch. Ata Ullah, Masood Atif, Mubarak Ahmad Ansari, Rafiq Ahmad Saqib, Dr. Zafar Ahmad Vaince, Ch. Hamid Ahmad

    Standing (second row L to R) Munawar Ahmad Chawinda, Mohammad Sharif Khalid, Hamedullah Zafar, Maulvi Mohammad Din, Malik Mohammad Abdullah


    Message from Maulana Fazal Elahi Anweri

       Fazal Elahi Anweri, Obertshausen

          Maulana F. I. Anweri

    After having matriculated from Govrnment High School Bhera in 1944, Maulana Fazal Elahi Anwari, who was the first student to be on the rolls of the college at Qadian in 1944. In recognition of his merit for having stood first in his school in the matriculation examination he was given roll number one. After his B.Sc. Maulana Anweri joined the Jamia Ahmadiyya and later rendered immense services to the Jamaat as missionary and Amir in Germany, Nigeria and Ghana. After retirement Maulana Fazal Elahi Anweri migrated to Germany, where he is busy writing books on different Islamic and Historic subjects. Many of his books have already been published and others are going to come out very soon. He has sent the following message to the association:

    Talim-ul-Islam College, Qadian, Lahore, Rabwah With extreme pleasure and happiness I have learnt that a website has been opened which aims at recording memories relating to the Talimul Islam College in a collective form. Being one among the first batch of students joining the college in 1944, I have appreciated very much the idea and wish the organising committee every success in their venture to revive the memoirs connected with the college in one way or the other. It is a pity, however, that the college, from its very infancy, had to pass through odds and adversities. First, it was started at a time when the second word war was at the zenith of its horrors and holocaust and, on account of that, there prevailed dearth of every thing- of basic necessities of life, of money, of material and even of staff and students. Then, hardly two years had elapsed, when it had to migrate to Lahore as a result of the partition of Indo-Pak subcontinent, leaving its beautiful building at the mercy of non.Muslim refugees settling in Qadian. There, at Lahore, the college was restarted as if from a scratch, first in a forsaken house of Dr. Khaim Singh in the Canal Park; then in the utterly ruined building of D. A. V College, Lahore. I , a student of the third year, still remember how each and every window was reconstructed to give the totally devastated building the shape of a house worthy to live. When, after the Jama'at had spent enormous wealth on it, repairing every inch of the building and establishing science laboratories etc., then orders came, all of a sudden, to vacate the building for another purpose.. T.I. College was then shifted to Rabwah in an altogether newly constructed building. In 1974 it was taken, nay confiscated by the then Government of Pakistan in the name of the so called "nationalisation". The college still exists but with little effort to restore it to its past glory. Fazal Elahi Anweri


    A group photo of friends at T. I. College in 1950. (Photo taken from Bashir Ahmad Rafiq's website)


    N.W.F.P Students at T. I. College Lahore in 1950-51 with Maulana Arjuman Khan

    Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, Husamuddin, Maulana Arjumadn Khan, A.K. Swati, Rashid Ahmad
    Standing: H.U.Khan, Nazir Ahmad Khan, Q. M. Ismail, Saeed Ahmad, M. Aslam Jahangiri


    Graduates after having received degrees at the Convocation in 1965 with the Principal

    (Sitting L. to R.) Mohammad Ahmad; Mahmood Ahmad Mirza, Mahmood Ahmad Zaman, Naeem Ahmad, Naeem Ahmad Tayyab, Inamullah Hashmi, Lurfur Rahman Naz
    Standing (1st Row; L. to R.) Maqbool Ahmad Malik, Iqbal Ahmad Najam, Zaferul Islam, Sirajul Haque, Ch. Mohammad Saddique, Mujeebud Din Amjad, Muneer Ahmad, Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad M.A. (Oxon) (Prinicipal), Mohammad Akram, Mansoor Ahmad, Ch. Nasirud Din, Nasir Ahmad, Massod Ahmad, Mohammad Azim Khan, Munawar Ahmad
    Standing (2nd Row; L. to R.) Hamid Ahmad Khalid, Hasan Mohammad Khan Arif, Zafar Iqbal Piracha, Bashir Ahmad Khalid, Abdul Rashid Sharif, Nasir Ahmad, Abdus Subhan, Lutful Mannan, Rashid Ahmad, Mohammad Ashraf Chaudhry


    M. A. Arabic class 1963

    Chairs (Left to Right): Hassan Mohammad Khan Arif, Ch. Mohammad Siddiq , Prof. M. Sultan Akbar, Prof. Bashara-ur-Rehman, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad(Principal), Maulana Arjuman Khan
    M. Aslam Sabir, Ch. Nasir-ud-Din Mahmood, Bashar-ur-Rehman
    Standing: (L to Right): Hamid Ahmad Khalid, Ch. Sharif Ahmad, Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashed
    Qureshi Sirajul Haq, Abdul Rashid, Iqbal Ahmad, Riaz Ahmad, Sh. Nazir Ahmad ********************************************************************************************************************************

    M. A. Aarabic Degree Holders April1965

    Left to Right: Hassan Mohammad Khan Arif, Qureshi Sirajul Haq, Sufi Basharat-ur-Rahman
    Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad(Principal), Ch. Mohammad Siddiq, Ch. Nasir-ud-Din Mahmood, Hamid Ahmad Khalid


    M. A. Arabic Class of (April 1966)

    Sitting: Left to Right: Ghulam Ahmad Naseem, Sheikh Nazir Ahmad, Syed Abdul Hayee
    Standing: Left to Right: (Prof.) M. Sultan Akbar, (Prof.) M. Aslam Sabir, (Prof.) Sufi Basharat-ur-Rehman, Qazi M. Aslam (Principal), Harzat Khalifatul Masih III, Maulana Abul Ata
    Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid, Qureshi Maqbool Ahmad


       Dr. Mohammad Sharif Khan

          Dr. M. Sharif Khan

    Retired as professor. performed duties as: 1. chairman admission commettee 2. controller of examinations 3. head department of biology married to Prof. Rashida Tasnim Khan, Prof. of Persian Jamia Nusrat, Rabwah three sons: Dr. Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, Research Associate, Drexal University, Philadelphia, USA Muhammad Masood Khan, CA, Calgary, Canada Dr. Muhammad Rashid Zubair Khan, D. Pharm. Philadelphia, USA One daughter: Rashda Saadia Ahmed, married with three children, Germany.  

    The year 1946 is the year when I entered in the realm of knowledge, as a student of “Kachhi” (prep) class of Talimul Islam Primary School, Qadian. My class was a “Tat” (sitting on mats) class, venue was under the shade of a large mango tree, one in the tree-line that marked the boundaries between Talimul Islam High School and Talimul Islam College. I tapped door of world of knowledge with words “Alif, Ba, Ta, Sa”, which were forced into my memory by the painful strokes of “miswak” on my fingers by our master Muhammad Baskh Solanghi sahib (marhoom). After partition my family moved to our native village Chaksan, District Gujranwala in Pakistan, then to Ghakkhar Mandi, where I did my matriculation in 1956. When I was in 8th class I offered myself for “waqf-a-zindgi” (devotee), which was accepted by Hadhrat Khalifa tul Messih the II (rz) (Alhamdolliah). I was advised to get admission in Talimul Islam College, Rabwah, and after doing master I was to report in the Nazarat-a-Talim. In Talimul Islam College I studied as a F. Sc. Premedical student. Then I left Talimul Islam College, because I was interested in Biological subjects, not offered there at that time. I did B. Sc from Islamia College, civil lines Lahore in 1961, M.Sc. Zoology from University of the Punjab, in 1963, standing first in order of merit, and was awarded Sir William Roberts Gold Medal, and Roll of Honor (Alhamdolliah). I was advised by Nazarat-a-Talim to report to the Principal Talimul Islam College, where I joined the staff as lecturer in Zoology, in September, 1963. My first research paper was published in 1965. The calm and serene environments in Talimul Islam College provided me the impetuous to carry on my research there. I still remember very vividly, the college biological laboratory, its spacious demonstration tables and high stools, where I worked after college time. Often I use to gaze at the nearby hilly rampart across the lab windows, how majestically it stood there! It provided strength to my determination. As I sit all alone, Shadi’s oft and on shouts making his presence announced to the trespassers, were my only companion. For several of my subsequent published papers I owe support and determination to the tables and that hills, that still stand there! I completed my doctoral experimental work in the same laboratory, on the same tables, sitting at the same high stools in the Biological Laboratory, where I fist got instructions as an F. Sc. Student back in 1956. I received my Ph.D. degree from University of the Punjab, Lahore, in 1991. I taught subjects of Biology and Zoology to F.Sc and B. Sc classes from 1963-1999, retiring in September of that year. During my F.Sc I stayed in Fazal-a-Omar hostel. In college my English teachers were Ch Abul Latif (marhoom), M. H. Zaidi and Kanwar Indrees sahib; Biology: Dr Naseer A. Bashir (marhoom); Physcis: Masood Ahmed Atif (marhoom); Chemistry: Prof. Mubark Ahmed Sahib Ansari; Deeniat: Milk Muhammad Abdullah (marhoom). Later Atif sahib, Ansari sahib and Malik sahib were my colleagues. My research interest has been Herpetology (study of amphibians and reptiles). Very little was known about Pakistani species of these animals. I toured different remote parts of the country, studying these animals in their natural environments and collecting them for my research. Several M.Sc students from Qaid-a-Azam University, Islamabad; Government College, Lahore; Punjab University and Government college, Lahore and Faisalabad completed their research paper under my supervision. At the time of immigration to U. S. A. I donated my large collection of specimens to Zoological Museum Government College, Lahore; and collection scientific books to Khalafat Library, Rabwah. Alhamdolliah, I am still working on my data that I brought from Pakistan, and getting it published in different international scientific journals. I have gotten published over 300 research papers, have described several new species and discovering new records for Pakistan. I have published two books in Urdu, two in English, one in German (published in Germany and USA). I was recognized as “Zoologist of the year 2002” and awarded a certificate and a shield by the Zoological Society of Pakistan. When I look at myself, I am still a child, and remember and feel the pain I felt by the “miswak” strokes by my teacher of “Kachhi” class, who knows how sincerely that pious man was praying for his pupils at that time? May his soul rests in peace in heaven, Amen!
    wassalam alaikum
    Muhammad Sharif Khan, Ph.D.
    D-206 Landsdowns Towers Apartments 776 Providence Road, ALDAN, PA 19018, USA Ph # 610-572-1357


       Dr.Mohammad Zafrullah

          Dr. Mohammad Zafrullah

    I joined Talim-ul-Islam College (T.I.C.) Rabwah in 1962, received my B.Sc. in 1967, went to the University of the Punjab Lahore, received my Master’s in Mathematics and came back to teach at T.I.C. in 1970. In 1971, I was sent to London for higher education with a stipend from Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. I got my doctorate in 1974 and could not go back to teach at T.I.C., a lifelong regret. I would not go to any college at all, if it were not for the kindness and generosity of the then principal of T.I.C. Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (RahimahuLlah).

    A friend of my family wrote to him saying good things about me and mentioning the possibility that I might not get higher education due to poverty. Hadhrat Saheb (rh) promptly wrote back something like: Send him over we will give him admission. That is what brought me toT.I.C. with Rs. 145 in my pocket. With the low fees and very low hostel charges, I was always able to live off the regular scholarship money. Low fees etc. do not make a college good, teachers do. T.I.C. did indeed have a good bunch of teachers. I studied from some of them such as: Professors Aftab Ahmad, Habibullah Khan (Marhoum), Ibrahim Nasir (Marhoum), Chaudhury Hameedullah, Rashid Ghani (Marhoum), Mubarak Ansari, Pervez Parwazi, Masoud Atif (Marhoum), Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, and Chaudury Sharif Khalid. These gentlemen gave me a good run for my 145 rupees during my formative years. Somewhere during my studies, at T.I.C., I got the lust for “what is new” and “what more can be said”, and got the notion of playing around with the problem and giving a Mathematical/logical proof. Blended with my independent nature these gifts still serve me well. Of course I also learned to say what I thought was right, without any qualms about me being the small man. The deeply religious atmosphere also helped shape my thinking. I benefited from personal acquaintance with some of my teachers. Professor Chaudhury Muhammad Ali was the Warden of Fazle-Omer Hostel and in more than one ways my mentor. Instead of saying “do this, don’t do that” he would come up with an example or an anecdote. Professor Qazi Muhammad Aslam, who became the principal of T.I.C. after Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (rh) was elected Khalifatul-Masih, indirectly trained me on analyzing statements. And Professor Mirza Anas Ahmad gave me the lust for logic. Let me put it this way, with these three around, my questions would get answered amply and I had plenty of questions. I was an unruly boy who would rather read from the books than come to class and Professor Rashid Ghani (Marhoum) would have me brought from my room if there was something important happening in the class or at the college. Professor Chaudhury Hameed Ahmad (Hameedi Saheb, we called him then) mentored me well when I was one of the editors of the English section of Al- Manar. I am sure that most of my English contributions to Al-Manar were corrected or commented on by him. Right after my M. Sc. I taught Physics under the direction of Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan. I had a fresh Masters in Pure Mathematics. So, I had to work very hard to keep my head above water. Professor Naseer Khan was a source of help. His energy and his zeal for the task at hand have always served as beacons of light for me. In addition I had my guardian angel Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, who seemed to have a high opinion of me for some reason. His prayers seem to be with me even now. Indeed there were others who taught and trained me, such as Professor Abdul Majeed of the University of the Punjab, Professor Lal Muhammad Chawla (Marhoum) of Govt. College Lahore and Professor Paul Cohn of the University of London. They built upon what I had from T.I.C. After completing my education I have taught at more universities than my fair share but I never found the atmosphere like T.I.C. Finally, the college has made me and thousands more like me who we are. Based on what I know now, learning is a form of worship. It is learning that in the end leads one to say: Lord Thou hast not created this universe in vain (from verse192 of Al-Imran). Colleges like T.I.C. of my time, if there are any, are more than just seats of learning. They are places of worship that also produce worshippers who think and reach the conclusions mentioned in the Quran. We ought to show as much zeal in building and maintaining such colleges as we do in building mosques. Muhammad Zafrullah, 57 Colgate Street, Pocatello, ID 83201, USA. Phone: 208-478-2759 e-mail: URL:


    Dr. Muhammad Zafrullah -57 Colgate Street, Pocatello. ID 83201, USA


    Our Prof. Mubarik Ahmad Ansari receiving the Ontario Senior Achievement Award 2002 from the governor of Ontario, Canada


    Prof. Dr. S. M. Shahid with two of his students Chaudhry Mubarak Muslehuddin and Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad


    A group of early migrants, among them many of our alumni called on Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV in London in 1984.

    Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Mirza Anas Ahmad, Tahir Ahmad Kahlon, and others with Hazrat Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III (rahimhulah) in Frankfurt

    T. I. College Identity Card - does not need introduction. It is the only student who has become a successful international journalist. Guess who it is?

    Our dear departed friend Abaidullah Bajwa wih Naseer Ahmad

    Rashid Qaisrani is one of the most prominent old students of the college. He was one of the best debators, best sportsmen that the college is proud to have produced. Retired as a senior Officer of the Pakistan air Force, he is an excellent poet. He was one of the poineering editors of the college magazine, Almanar. The photo below shows Majid Tahir with Rashid Qaisrani

    Abdur-ur-Rehman Mobashar and friends

    Naseer Ahmad with Hazrat Khalifarul Masih IV in Frankfurt, Mansoor Omar and Mubarak Sahi in the photo are also our old students


    Dr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Malik (USA) and Malik Lal Khan in Canada and Brig. Mohammad Latif


    Our late Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad (former MPA) , Popularly known as Haji, distributing prizies in Sheikhupura, where he was the District Amir at the time of his demise. Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad is spent more years in the college than perhaps any other.


    Jalsa provides opportunity for friends to meet


    Syed Ilays Bashir Ahmad, Dr. Shafiq Saigol, Munawar S. Khalid and Hamid Ahmad


    Ch. Hamid Ahmad and Chaudhry Hamid Nasrullah Khan


    Dr. Sahfiq Saigol and Hamid Ahmad


    With Herr Schaefer, a respected Judge in Germany


    Some old students with Herr Schaefer, a friendly German Judge


    A student with an affectionate teacher (Hamid Aahmad with Dr. S.M. Shahid)


    Some children of old boys


    Some parents of old boys


    Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Malik (USA), Khalil Ahmad Bajwa (UK), Mirza Mahmood Ahmad (Germany), Malik Mahmood Ahmad (UK) and Naseer-ul-Haq (Sweden) Mohammad Din


    We urgently require email addresses of the following personalities and shall be grateful for help:

    Sahibzada Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali, Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Chaudhry Mubarak Muslehuddin, Mr. Sameeullah Sial, Chaudhry Mahmood Ahmad Kahlon (B.T.), Mr. Shahid Ahmad Saadi, Sahibzada Mirza Anas Ahmad, Sahibzada Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Sahibzada Mirza Hanif Ahmad, Shibzada Mirza Azhar Ahmad, Mahmood Ahmad Khan (Pilot), Nawab Farooq Ahmad Khan,Sahibzada Mirza Rafiq Ahmad, Maulana Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashid, Maulana Ata-ul-Karim, Ata-ul-Rahim, Mohammad Akram, Mohammad Arshad,Capt. Shamim Ahmad Khalid, Prof. Rafiq Ahmad Saqib, , Sh. Munawar Shamim Khalid, Syed Ilyas Bashir, Dr. Sharif Khan, , Prof. Faiz-ur-Rehman Faizi, Mian Waseem Ahmad, Prof.Maqbool Elahi Janjua, Malik Masood Ahmad - Amoore Aama, Shahid Ahmad Saadi, Chaudhry Hameed Nasrullah Khan, Chaudhry Idrees Nasrullah Khan (Canada), Mr. Maudood Ahmad Khan (Karachi), Abdul Basit (Denmark, Zartasht Munir Ahmad (Norway), Raja Ghalib Ahmad (Lahore), Mr. Waseem Ahmad Chaudhry (UK), Mr. Basharat Ahmad Nazir, Mr. Basharat Ahmad Jameel, (Canada),Mohammad Islam Bhatti (retired Judge High Court), Dr. Zafar Ahmad Vaince, Rashid Ahmad Javed, Rana Mohammad Khan – Bahawal Nagar, Mr. Daud Tahir, Mr. Tahir Arif, Dr. Mirza Mobashar Ahmad, Dr. Mirza Laeeq Ahmad, Dr Mian Zaheer Ahmad, Kaleemullah Khan (USA), Mian Waseem Ahmad (USA), Khawaja Zafar Ahmad (Sialkot), Chaudhry Nazeer Ahmad Kahlon (Los Angeles), Dr. Mohammad zafar Barelvi Qureshi, Malik Karim Ahmad, Chaudhry Mahfoorz-ur- Rehman, Chaudhry Ata-ur-Rehman, Dr. Mohammad Shafiq Sehgal, Mr. Daud Tahir, Prof. Mubarak Abid, Prof. Mohammad Sultan Akbar, Prof. Abdul Jaleel Sadiq, and all those who have interest in the membership of the old students association of T. I. College Rabwah. The fact is that it is impossible to try to complete the list of old students. There are many senior to me and many that came to the college after me. I request all those, young and old, who love their alma mater, the principals and teachers, to join us make this venture a success. I wish to create a separate chapter for those dear ones, who are no longer with us and will be grateful to friends who provide me with their photos. ......Please help us via email:............


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