Hazrat Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V

Letters From Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V



Message from Chaudhry Aanwar Ahmad Kahlon - Honorary Life Member

   Anwar Ahmad Kahlon, London

      Chaudhry Anwar Ahmad Kahlon

It is often heard said that the happiest and the most gainful time of ones life consists of the years spent in college. That is the time when one gathers knowledge speedily and forms friendships and associations that one benefits from and relishes throughout one's life. It makes me so glad to hear that the T.I. College old boys have decided to form an association so that they may relive the happy moments spent in the T.I. College as a student or as a teacher. I wish them every success in this venture. I envy those who have been privileged to form an association in order to further its laudable objectives. May Allah bless all members and enable them to live the kind of lives that their parents and guardians wished them to. Amen.I wish I had the honour and privilege of studying in the T.I. College. However, a large number of friends whose companionship I highly value have been closely associated with the College as Professors and students.
With deep affection
Anwar Ahmad Kahlon
27 Hall Park Ave. - Liversedge WF15 7EH (UK)
Tel: +44-1924-501067
Fax: +44-1924-501075


Message from Mian Ehsanul Haq (PPP)
Member National Assembly of Pakistan from 1970 to 1977

Mian Ehsanul Haq then and Mian Ehsanul Haq now

   Mian Ehsan-ul-Haq (Ex-MNA-PPP), Faisalabad

      Mian Ehsanul Haq

Dear Hamid,

I am glad to hear that T. I. College Old Students Association has been launched in Germany. Whereas I congratulate you on that, I wish it could be done all over the world, including Pakistan. I owe so much to T.I. College that I will be ungrateful if I forget it. It is not the buildings of bricks and cement that lend grandeur to an institution. It is the devotion of its leadership, love and affection of the teachers that create an atmosphere that helps in moulding the character of students.
My admission to T. I. College brought about a turning point in my life. After having wasted my years in Government College Lyallpur, I decided to join that great institution in 1956. The college was then headed by a charismatic personality. You remember I had a big wound on my arm and needed special care and attention. God bless the then Principal, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, who treated me like his own son and provided every facility I needed and more. It was not that physical attention alone that impressed me, it was the entire family-like atmosphere that was so sincere, so Islamic, so innocent and so enjoyable. Rabwah in those days was a small sleepy town, devoid of facilities of a city life that I was used to in Lyallpur. No hotels, no cinemas, no music and yet it was not monotonous. It was both academic and athletic. It was religious and yet secular. I did not belong to the Ahmadiyya community, and am still not an Ahmadi, but I never felt that I was not amongst good Muslims. Rather I did feel that I was amongst better Muslims. I developed some Islamic values that later revolutionised my life became integral part of my character.


When I sat for the final LL.B Examination in the University Law College, Lahore, all students walked out of the examination hall as a protest on something and went on strike. I was the only one who did not take part in strike. Later an enquiry was ordered by the government and I was called as a witness. Justice Mushtaq of Lahore High Court, who presided over the enquiry commission, asked me why I did not join the strikers. I told him frankly that I had graduated from T.I. College Rabwah, and there I had learnt to respect law and not to revolt against authority and I believe this is a good lesson. He was impressed.

I have been active in politics for about forty years. I am one of the founder members of the Pakistan Peoples Party. As a member of the National Assembly from 1970 to 1977, I have roamed through the parlours of power for seven years. I have seen the hypocrisy not only of our political, but also of our religious leadership from too close. I wish they had all studied at T.I. College, Rabwah and leant the basic principles of honesty and integrity.

I wish I could mention all my teachers and classmates by name, but that will make this message too long. If I were to name one teacher and one student, I will name Mian Ata-ur-Rehman, our professor of Physics, and Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad of Sheikhupura (popularly known as Haji in those days), for their virtues which I cannot fully describe in words. Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad, like myself, later joined Pakistan Peoples Party and was elected a member of the provincial assembly (MPA). We remained good friends till he died in an accident.

I wish to tell all my friends that they are lucky to have been at T.I. College. Keep the great traditions of the great institution alive and I mean, honesty, integrity, morality, discipline, and above all tolerance and respect for dissenting views. All these things were summed up in the motto of the college, which was Ilm-o-Amal.

May Allah bless Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad and all the kind teachers who contributed to my consequent success in life. May God bless you all and me and my family. Amen.
Mian Ehsanul Haq (Ex MNA)


Message from Mr. Kunwar Idrees, retired Chief Secretary, Sindh
Chairman Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers' Asociation (PAMA)

   Kunwar Idrees, Karachi

      Mr.Kunwar Idrees

My Dear Hamid,

I was at TI College for two years 1952-54 when it was at Lahore but received my BA degree in its first convocation at Rabwah. Later, in 1957, I also taught at the college for three or four months before joining the Civil Service of Pakistan in the September of that year. Both periods had a bearing on my character and career disproportionate to the time spent in the college. The presence of the Principal Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad was overwhelming and caring. He commanded affection and respect without asking for it. The future even then seem to beckon him to an exalted responsibility. I had the singular honour of being his only student in political science and then headed the students union and edited the English section of the college magazine. Among my teachers (who later were also my colleagues for a short while) I count Chaudhry Mohammad Ali, Sufi Basharat Rehman, Dr Naseer Ahmad Khan, Dr Sultan Mahmud Shahid, Dr Naseer Bashir, M.A. Khalid, Ch. Ataullah, Mirza Khurshid Ahmad and Maulana Abulata Jullundhri. Akhwand Abdul Qadir and Abbas bin Abdul Qadir (Shaheed) were among my teachers but when I returned to teach in 1957, the former had retired and latter had left to join the government education service. Each one of them was worth his weight in gold, some much more.

I learnt recently that Iftikhar Ayaz now of Britain is the same guy, two years junior to me, who was secretary of the college union when I was it’s president. At the 2005 UK Jalsa I also ran into Afzal Turki who lost the election to Iftikhar though he was in my camp.


You are right! I do come across my students despite a teaching stint of just four months unexpectedly and in all parts of the world. I saw Pervez Pervazi, an Urdu scholar and a gregarious character for the first time after 1957 at Toronto last summer. Almost 20 years ago on an extended tour of Europe I landed in London with an excruciating tooth-ache and that too on a Sunday. My host and cousin C.M.Khalid took me to the only dentist in that metropolis who would possibly agree to see me. He did and detected the source of pain which had earlier eluded some advanced dental hospitals of the continent. That apart, dentist Waliullah wouldn’t hear of a fee for he had been my student. One could not expect a better reward just for four months of teaching quarter of a century later.
Permit me to end this message on a poignant note. The college since nationalization has fallen into ruins both in academic and physical terms. Its alumni, especially those living in Europe and North America, owe it to the community and the country to mount a huge campaign to get it back and make it a kind of Abdus Salam’s “Trieste Centre” in Pakistan. With best wishes for your venture,
Kunwar Idris
10th December 2005
Tel Office: +92 21 5662493
Tel Residence: +92 21 5874155
Fax: + 92 21 5687247


Message from Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Wakil-e-Ala, Tehrik-e-Jadid

   Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Rabwah

      Prof. Ch. Hameedullah

Dear Old boys

Assalam-o-Alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatohu

Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry has been very enthusiastic in setting up the Talim-ul-Islam College Old Boys Association in Germany. His sincere efforts have at last borne fruits and the association has been firmly established. It has brought to life many forgotten old associations.
I had the privilege and the pleasure of participating in the association meeting in 2005 in Germany. This re-union with many old boys of the college was encouraging as well refreshing.
We have studied in this college and some of us have also served as teachers. The memories of the old days are part of our souls. We still see with the light lit by the great institution. This light is everlasting.
It was really a great privilege to be students of Hadrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Sahib (Rahematullah Taala), Akhwand Abdull Qadir Sahib, Mian Ata-ur-Rahman Sahib, Professor Basharat-ur-Rahman Sahib, Professor Chaudhry Mohammad Ali Sahib, Sheikh Mahboob Alam Khalid Sahib, Maulana Arjumand Khan Sahib and many other distinguished teachers.
Consciously or unconsciously we are spreading around us the experiences we had at our ulma mater. Its impact is gobal and it is reality that the world has been benefiting from this institution through its old boys directly or indirectly

Darul Sadar Janoobi, Rabwah
August 17, 2007 <


Message from Dr. Abdul Karim, Retired Economic Advisor to State Bank of Pakistan, Seconded to Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan & IMF Advisor Bank of Sudan, Khartum, Sudan

(Dr Abdul Karim was one of the first to be admitted to Talim-ul-Islam College at Qadian in 1944 and one of the first graduates of the college. He did his M.A. in Economics as well from the Punjab University as a candidate of Talim-ul-Islam College, Lahore.)

   Dr. Abdul Karim, Rabwah

      Dr. Abdul Karim

Let me indicate, not for any pride but as a humble expression of gratitude, Tahdis-e-Naimat, some unique aspects of my long association with T.I. College. I ws a student of the very first batch when the college started in Qadian in 1944 and had all my education inthat institution right up to M.A. I was the first M.A. when the college was in Lahore. This needs to be explained. At the time of partition, when Non-Muslims left, there was shortage of teachers and it was decided that for post-graduate studies, students enrolled in colleges and their common instruction arranged at the University. So I was the only flag-bearer of T.I. College, not only in the Economics department, but also in the entire University. I was able to combine studies with sports at a fairly high level. I had my first lesson in Economics from the Principal, Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Sahib, who later became the third Khalifatul Masih (akshsalam). He taught Economics on for two years as no other teacher of the subject was available. He gave that up when Faiz-ur-Rehman Faizi Sahib, the younger brother of famous Malik Abdur Rehman Khadim Sahib of Gujrat joined the college staff. Thereafter he taught Political Science.

My interest in Economics continues even after retirement. Though with some shift in focus. I occasionally write on current problems of Pakistan, not just for the sake of writing or to satisfy my ego, but only when I am really infuriated with the situation. With my rate exposure to both monetary and fiscal management, I highlight, without fear or favour, those aspects of the problems which may be lost sight of or deliberately held back so far. More than one hunred articles have been published, mostly in the DAWN. However, my main focus, rather pre-occupation, is Islamic Economics, with particular emphasis on interest-free economic system. I have already published a 545-page book titled “Islam, Philosophy of Life and Economic Principles” and am currently working on follow up entitld “Interest-free Economy” which is likely to be of the same size.

This is an attempt to dispel the common notion that interest cannot be abolished and provide a workable alternative. (God willing- wa ma taufiqi illah Biallahil Azim) To my mind, those who entertain the idea that interest cannot be abolished doubt the two basic attributes of Allah, that is his being Khabir (all aware) and Qadir-e-Mutiq (Almighty) He certainly knew when He revealed the Holy Quran how the Economic system will develop in future and has all the power to enforce His edict to abplish interest. Interest, therefore, has to go The Quranic warning “ O ye who believe! Fear Allah and relinquish what remains of interest, if you are believers. But if you do it not, then beware of war from Allah and His Messenger” (2:279-280) is being implemented through the current global economic crisis, which is primarily due to interest-based economic system. I had summed up the prevailing situation in my article “Failure of Debt-Driven Model”, published in the DAWN of April 18, 2011 (Dawn.com/business). My analysis of the current great recession already runs into 200 pages. The situation is quite fluid, particularly in the European Union, where a clear effective approach is awaited. As soon as it crystalizes , I plan to put out a booklet entitled “The Great Recession- 2008-9, Experience and Lessons.” Without waiting for the completion of the book, with the material available that should also be soon (God Willing) Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, (ayedehullah taala) desired a committee, consisting of Ulema and experts, be set up in Darul Qaza to consider the problem of mortgage and other interest dealings. Hazoor nominated me as a member. I wrote a paper of 75 pages “Hurmate Sud” – prohibition of interest in April 2010. The shadows are lengthening. Statistically speaking, at 83, I am on bonus when the average span of life for males in Pakistan is 65. I wish to leave behind something worthwhile. For this, I badly need and humbly request help through prayers. Finally, a word of advice for Ahmadis living in the West. Do not be overwhelmed by your environment. Take cognizance of the menace of consumer credit and do your best to avoid it. This is not only following Islamic teachings of living within ones means, but also necessary for their real welfare. Islam does not allow raising ones standard of living by borrowing, even if the loan is interest free. One of the basic demands of Tehrik-e-Jadid is simple living. I am sure if they keep their eyes open, they can easily see havoc around them due to consumer credit in the recession. If not, let me give some cold statistics about the bitter experience, particularly in the United States, and the lesson already learnt before the recession, mot of the commeon people there were heavily indebted and little personal saving. The recession has made them cautious and they have started saving. As a result, household saving in the US has increased from $ 242 billion in 2007 to $ 608 billion in 2011. At the same time, they have reduced their consumer credit. Outstanding revolving consumer credit declined from $ 846 billion to $ 383 billion, or less than half….

Residential Address
1\53 Darul Uloom Wasti, Rabwah- Chanab Nagar
E Mail: akarim001@gmail.com

CV of Dr. Abdul Karim:

Date of Birth 1-1-1929
Matric-T.I.High School, Qadian (1944)
F.A.-T.I.College, Qadian (1946)
B.A.-T.I.College, Lahore (1948)
M.A. (Econ)-T.I.College, Lahore (1951)
Ph.D. (Econ)-George Washington University, Washington D.C.(1966)
Captain T.I.College football (1944-46) and hockey (1946-51) teams. In hockey also represented University (1950) and Province (1952)
Joined State Bank of Pakistan-5-51952
Retired-31.12.1988 as Economic Advisor in Grade 21

Seconded to Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan twice-1954-58,1969-78
Foreign Assignment
IMF Advisor, Bank of Sudan, Khartum, August 1986-October 1987
Asian Development Consultant, Bhutan, March-September 1989
Teaching Experience: Visiting Professor, State Economic University, Tashkand, Uzbikstan, March-September, 1994(Wakfe Arazy)

Assistant Editor, T.I.College Lahore magazine “Young Economist” 1950
Islam: the Basics, a collection of articles published in the Friday feature of Dawn, 2004
Islam: Philosophy of life and Economic Principles, 2004
Interest Free Economy (forthcoming, God willing)
Occasional articles on Economic problems of Pakistan in weekly feature, Economic and Business Review on Mondays in Dawn (dawn.com)


Message from Justice Mohammad Islam Bhatti
Retired Judge Lahore High Court

   Justice (Retd.) Mohammad Islam Bhatti, Columbia, MD (USA)

      M. Islam Bhatti

My Dear Hameed,


It was one of the luckiest days of my life when in August 1952 my maternal uncle Mr. Aziz Masood Bhatti, on the asking of my mother took me to the T. I. College Lahore (as it then was) for admission in the first year. After filling-in the admission form at the administrative office, I was immediately ushered in the auspicious audience of Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (ra) Principal of the college. I found him to be an absolute epitome of love, kindness and fatherly affection. After going through my admission form and the academic record he asked me why I wanted to join the pre-medical group. Before I was out of my mumbling he, with his proverbial broad smile, remarked that he had asked all the brilliant students, seeking admission, to look forward for superior services and start preparing for competitive examinations right from the day one. That was the moment, which changed the entire scenario of my future. Saeed Ahmad Khan Rahmani and I opted for Inter-Arts (a strange combination of subjects). And lo and behold! I am sure the desire of the saintly person (who was going to be the next khalifatul Masih) was taken as a prayer by God Almighty there and then, and was also accepted. It was only the two of us (Saeed and I) who later joined the Civil Services.

It was at the T. I. College that my personality and the future career were carved and chiseled. I was a resident of the Fazl-e-Umer Hostel where Professors Ch. Mohammad Ali and Soofi Bisharatur Rahman were to take care of their wards, far better than their parents. They took real pains to provide guidance to the students not only with regard to their studies but also about their religious, health and emotional aspects, under the kind advice of the Principal. Hazrat Mian Sahib (ra) showered his blessings and kindness on all the students and I was one of them. I cannot help citing one or two instances of his love.

One day I was present in the lawn adjacent to his office when Hazrat Mian Sahib alighted from his “Wolseley” and on seeing me asked, if I was all right, because I was then keeping my right hand on my forehead. When I told him that I had headache I was directed to follow him to his office and soon as we entered, he sent for Mr. Junaid Hashmi Office Superintendent and instructed him to write a letter on his behalf to Qazi Bashir Ahmad, a renowned eye surgeon of the time. A few days thereafter I started wearing eyeglasses but the kindest Principal as he was, was satisfied only when he directed the tuck shop to provide me with daily milk, soybean, and almonds in such a large quantity that even my friend also enjoyed the bounty. Another instance of his profound kindness is that when I was Senior Civil Judge Sargodha and I happened to be with him; upon his asking me as to whether I had a house or plot anywhere and my submitting that I had none, he very kindly gave me a plot in Darul Aloom Gharbi, Rabwah where I recently got a house built under the kind supervision of his son Mirza Anas Ahmad. I am proud to say that I owe all that I achieved in my life to Hazrat Mian Sahib (ra) and his team of teachers such as Professors Akhund Abdul Qadir, Miam Attaurehman, Naseer Ahmad Khan, Maulana Arjumand Khan, Choudhry Hameedullah and many more including Chaudhry Sahib and Soofi Sahib as mentioned above. I had the singular honor of being elevated to the High Court Bench, being an Ahmadi who started his career as Sub Judge 4th class Charsada (NWFP) and that too after the bad an cruel constitution amendment of 1974 and infamous ordinance of 1984. It is amusing to note, that I was given the same oath as taken by the other judges. I would like to add that I was one of those fortunate students who migrated to Rabwah, along with the college in 1954 and had the good luck of enjoying the blessed and pious atmosphere of Rabwah. Hazrat musleh Maud (ra) was the Imam, and many Sahabas were also then alive and accessible. We use to request them for prayers. Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rajaiki, was also one of those saints. According to Soofi Sahib, he was the telephone having direct link to God, of which I am the living witness. Alhamdo Lillah. I had the privillage of being a class fellow of Saeed Ahmad Rehmani, Munawar Chiwinda, Nawab Hamid Khan, Nawab Shahid Ahmad Pasha, Malik Munawar Ahmad (Naib Nazir Darul Ziafat), and Commander Shamim Ahmad Khalid, Maulana Jameelur Rahman Rafiq. I also remained the Chief Editor of both Urdu and English sections of the College magazine “Al-Minar” and a literary figure of International repute Dr. Nasir Ahmad Perwaiz Perwazi was my Sub-Editor. It was another story that he acted as my mentor in many matters. At the end I wish all success and Godspeed to Professor Choudhry Hameed Ahmad and his team of office bearers of the Association. May God bless us all.
Assalamo-Alaikum to Huzoor and other participants and also make a humble request for prayer. May God bless you all.
Yours sincerely,
Muhammad Islam Bhatti
8723 Endless Ocean Way, Columbia, MD 21045
Tel: 001-410-312-0786


Message from Mr. Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, Ex-Imam London Mosque

   Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, London

      Bashir Ahmad Rafiq

My dear Hamid Ahmad Chaudhri Sahib


First of all, please accept my heartiest congratulations on the construction of a most informative Website about T.I. College.
I joined T.I. College in 1949 and graduated in 1953. The convocation of 1953 was presided over by Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, the then Foreign Minister of Pakistan. These were the formative years of the College.
Fortunately the College had a dynamic personality as its Principal, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Sahib who transformed the College into a great educational institution.

The College soon started competing with old establishments like Islamia College and Government College and superseded them in many respects. In sports, the College established an excellent record. The College won trophies in Rowing, Kabbadi, Swimming and Basket ball. Several of its students got prizes in Debating contests all over the Punjab. The College magazine, Almanar, was started in 1950. It was printed on art paper and the quality of articles, both in Urdu and English section, was admired by Scholars and learned people all over Pakistan. Another magazine was issued by some students on their own. It was called “The Young Economist.” I had the honour of editing the Urdu section of both these magazines.  

We were lucky to have a galaxy of highly taught teachers who were devoted heart and soul to the College. Among them were, Chaudhri Muhammad Ali, Sufi Basharatur Rehman, F.R. Faizi, Dr. S.M. Shahid, Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan, Sh. Mehboob Alam Khalid, Maulana Arjumand Khan, Akhwand Abdul Qadir, Prof.Habibullah Khan, Prof.Ata-ur-Rehman and Maulana Ghulam Ahmad Baddomallhi. On the College Office staff were Junaid Hashmi and Ch. Mahfoozur Rehman.
Various college societies played a great role in the development and enhancement of student’s educational and physical performance. Science and Economics Societies arranged educational tours and Hiking and Mountaineering societies scaled the Northern mountainous areas of Pakistan.
Urdu society invited many famous poets and writers of repute to its meetings and also arranged very successful Mushairas. There were also various Tutorial Groups supervised by Professors.
Most of its students played a great role in the service of Ahmadiyyat and Pakistan. Some of them became Amirs of Various Jamaats in Pakistan and abroad. Many became Nazirs and Vakils in the Central administration of the Jamaat. Some devoted their lives to the service of Islam and Ahmadiyyat and were sent abroad as missionaries. A few of them joined the Judiciary and others served in the Armed Forces of Pakistan.
This was all due to the dynamic leadership and devoted and selfless efforts of its Principal, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad and his team of dedicated teachers. He was a great administrator, most humble and a true well wisher of his students. His doors were open to all and sundry and in him the students found someone who was always there to help them. He had a charming, cheerful, pleasant and magnetic personality which radiated love and affection. There was always a smile on his face. His relationship with his student was like a father and son.
I wish the Old Boys Association could produce a commemorative Souvenir inviting his students and colleagues to write about him, in it. This should also include a pictorial record of his College tenure.
In the end I would like to thank you and your team for the great work that you are doing for the Old Students Association and for setting up a most informative and useful Website. May Allah be with you.
B.A. Rafiq


Another Message from Mr. Bashir Ahmad Rafiq

My dear brother Professor Hamid Chaudhri Sahib,
The Private Secretary Office has forwarded to me your kind invitation to attend the Annual dinner of T.I. College Old Boys Association. Unfortunately due to prior engagements in London, I would not be able to participate in this historic function. I was a student at T.I. College between 1949 and 1953. This was the golden period of this august instititution under the able guidance of its Founder Principal Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Sahib, may Allah be pleased with him. The College dispensed not only secular education but spiritual education and training also. Many of its students became Amirs, Missionaries and Nazirs and Vakils. Some who became famous lawyers defended the cause of the Jamaat not only in the lower Courts but in the Supreme Court also. Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, of blessed memory, was a great administrator and a kind hearted educationist. Our relationship with him was like a friend and a father. All the students respected him, loved him and obeyed him without any reservation. He encouraged his students to take part in sports, literary work and service of humanity. I personally miss him and pray for him. He was my mentor and my roll model. It was due to his untiring effort, great leadership and his vehement prayers that our College stood like a shinning bright star among the old establishments like, Government and Islamic colleges in Lahore. He was a handsome person and one fell in love with him at first sight. He was a true Muttaqi, God fearing and recipient of God's revelations. He tried to inculcate the spirit of establishing a lively relationship with Allah, in his students. He looked after the poorer section of the student community and helped them financially. This he did secretly so that their self pride was not injured. I think a special meeting should be held annually in his memory where his students could narrate the kindnesses that have been showered upon them by their beloved Principal. Please convey my Salaam to all old boys present, and oblige.
B A Rafiq - 13.08.2008


T. I. College, my Alma Mater
by Syed Ilyas Bashir Ahmad


      Syed Ilyas Bashir Ahmad

My Alma Mater - yes, what else should I call my T. I. College, other than a BOUNTEOUS MOTHER!? It is the first time that I happen to write something about so dear, so important and so integral a part of my existence. And, again it was not on account of a motive on my part, but to a phone call from Prof. Hameed Ahmad Choudhry. Choudhry Saheb, as I call him is someone whom I have known from the times when I, a dreamy eyed boy of FOURTEEN, entered Fazl – e – Umar Hostel as a resident student of T. I. College, way back in the year 1955. I cannot boast of any affinity between the two of us during that stay at the hostel. They were different times and the SENIORS especially the likes of CHOUDHRY SAHEB were considered as icons, only to be looked in awe, admiration and respect.
And, we the trifling JUNIORS obliged, ‘religiously‘!!
I do not recall even a small chat between me and CHOUDHRY SAHEB except the customary exchange of salutations whenever we crossed each other’s path. Strange though it may seem, the same CHOUDHRY SAHEB, has proven to be a pillar of strength for me in this latter phase of my dingy and dreary existence in EUROPE. His console’ and counsel always resuscitate and give me a new lease of life. He is, without doubt, a blessing that came my way thru none else but my T. I. College. May Allah keep him and his dear ones under His care and protection always!!
While writing these lines a host of memories crowd my mind and the feelings of nostalgia make me loose my focus. I am carried back to the day when my father took me to RABWAH to lodge me at Fazl - e - Umar Hostel. It was some day of September but the heat was still scorching to the young boy who had just descended from the cool comforts of his home in GILGIT. The monotony all around made me visualize the oft related story of Hazrat Ibrahim ( as ) and his son Hazrat Ismail ( as ) so explicitly. I had heard this story repeatedly from my early childhood from my grandmother, my mother and also my father, yet it had never made such a vivid impression as it did that day; when my father left me at the hostel.

Scribing these words bring back the memory of my first dinner (not the last!? ) in our “mess”. It was sometimes after Asr prayers when a loud shrieking bell followed by a thunderous stampede made me startle and hurriedly follow my three room mates who had jumped out of the room already; in a frenzy. Out of the room and into the corridor, I realized that the stampede was not on account of any impending danger; it was just in an effort to succeed in entering the DINING HALL which could house only a small percentage of the hungry masses.Those who did not succeed in getting in, kept hovering around the entrance in the hope of dashing in at the first available opportunity.
Me and my room mates were among the last of the cavaliers to gloat upon our victory. At first glance I noticed that the room presented a scene out of the battle of PANIPUT.I used the word PANI……PUT only because the “ SO CALLED “ table cloth was soaked in yellowish red watery remnants ( PANI ) of some sort; and littered ( PUT ) with remains of unedibles. I had hardly regained my composure when someone put a plate full of a watery concoction in front of me and almost threw a ROTI beside. My neighbour’s concentration on his plate made me also to refocus. It required a deep probe to find out what lay beneath. To my horror, I only found a few “fully matured“BHINDIS and a crooked MEATLESS bone swimming lifelessly in that pool of water. God’ how I had hated BHINDIS till that stage in my life (even the delicious home cooked ones). Suddenly words of my father started resounding in my ears. I remembered that whenever I told my mother of my plans to go to GOVERNMENT COLLEGE, LAHORE, etc., etc., my father would pronounce authoritatively that it was only T.I.College where headstrong young men could be reformed. No doubt, the reformation process had started already!!
Some orthodox souls may find the preceding narration less palatable; but my portrayal would appear lopsided if I did not give the readers a peep into the uninhibited mind of a young boy whose image of a College Campus did not match this ground reality at all.
Now, that I look in retrospect, my feelings are different altogether. I feel a deep yearning for the days that have long gone past and buried under the debris of time; leaving behind sweet pangs of nostalgia only. I cannot move back the clock, but I still retain the treasures that those passing moments gave me and all those cherished moments date back to my sojourn in My Alma Mater, My T.I.College.
I remember those innocent friendships that I made there. I remember Mohammad Bux, my room mate, a non Ahmadi student from a nearby village and one of the most innocent souls on this earth. How can I forget my other room mates Munir, Salim and Lateef Ahmed zafar ( son of late hazrat Mohammad Ahmed Mazhar Saheb ).
My Alma Mater gave me the valued patronage of Prof.Choudhry Mohammad Ali Saheb, and I can still feel the warmth of the PAN DRENCHED smile of Junaid Hashmi Saheb, that filtererd exuberantly through his horn rimmed glasses. I still remember how he would guide me on the right time ( depending upon the right mood of Mian Saheb ) of submitting an application to ( the then ) Mian Nasir Ahmed , our principal, to remit a fine imposed on me for some innocent breach of discipline The list of my benefactors is so long that I have to restrict the description for fear of short “ MEMORY “ of this website.
I would be ungrateful if I did not mention of the care and indulgence that I received from SHADI, BASHIR, HASSAN DIN and CEYLONI in addition to affectionate reprimands from Maulana Arjumand Khan Saheb. May allah be pleased with them all.
Going down the memory lane I still remember the occasion when at an ANNUAL DINNER of Fazl-e-Umar Hostel, Hazrat Mian Bashir Ahmed ( ra ) was our Chief Guest and I as the Chief Prefect, was assigned to deliver the WELCOME address. It was only the kind guidance of Choudhry Mohammad Ali Saheb that made me over come the butter flies in my stomach and handle the occasion .
The moments are still fresh in my memory when Choudhry Saheb introduced me to Hazrat Mian Saheb ( ra ) and another “ young and handsome person “ who accompanied Hazrat Mian Saheb. This “young and handsome person “ with a magnetic personality was none other than our dear HAZRAT MIRZA TAHIR AHMED AHMED ( rt ). It was another blessing accorded to me by my ALMA MATER and an association that lasted all through.
I cannot count my blessings which came my way thru my T.I.College. It was this brief period that afforded me several MULAQATs with Hazrat Musleh-e-Moud and , with all living SAHABA of Hazrat Masih-e-Moud( as ).It was my T.I.College that gave me the blessings of closeness and personal close contact with TWO KHULAFA of AHMADIYYAT i.e., HAZRAT MIRZA NASIR AHMED ( rt )(He was not only my Principal but also my teacher of POLITICAL SCIENCE ) and Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmed ( rt )
I can sum up my T.I.College experience by saying that my mother ( May Allah be pleased with her ) brought me to this world but my ALMA MATER nurtured me to live up to the realities of this world and the world hereafter.
I would end this note by quoting TWO stanzas from a poem by Thomas Moore which truly depict my frame of mind, while writing these lines:

When, round the bowl, of vanished years
We talk with joyous seeming –
With smiles that might as well be tears,
So faint, so sad their beaming;
While memory brings us back again
Each early tie that twined us,
O, sweet’s the cup that circles then
To those we’ve left behind us!

And when in other climes we meet
Some isle or vale enchanting,
Where all looks flowery, wild, and sweet,
And nought but love is wanting;
We think how great had been our bliss
If Heaven had but assign’d us
To live and die in scenes like this,
With some we’ve left behind us!




Letter from Muhammad Daud Tahir, Pakistan


      Muhammad Daud Tahir


I have come to know only recently that Talim-ul-Islam College Old Boys Association has been established in Germany, solely due to your efforts and a similar initiative has been taken in UK, USA and Canada. Congratulations! It is indeed a very good step which should have been taken much earlier because such a platform provides the ex-students of any institution to get into contact with each other. These students have fond memories of the days when they were together and as the human nature is, they love to talk of the good old days and share their memories. I wish if more and more ex-students of the college avail this forum to make this Association more purposeful. I have gone through the messages sent by certain prominent ex-students and come to know many new things about them as well as history of the college. You have been my teacher and know me well. You were kind enough to host an ‘asrana’ during my visit to Germany in 1989 and also host a dinner when myself and a non-Ahmadi friend of mine, late Haji Fazal Mohammad visited Germany in 2007. I can never forget the hospitality extended by you.


As stated earlier, I am not new to you but for the benefit of those for whom I am a stranger I would like to add that I was a student of this college during 1961 to 1965. I had got admission in this college after passing the Matriculation Examination from Talim-ul-Islam High School, Rabwah the same year. I was an arts student and graduated from there, with distinction.

I still remember very vividly the day I had got admission in the college. I had gone there along with my father who was required, under the rules, to accompany me as a candidate for admission. Although Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the then principal of the college already knew him but this was my first ever meeting (if you can call it a meeting) with him. Initially I was overawed by his towering personality but soon I could feel his affection.
In intermediate I studied Economics, Logic and Arabic besides two compulsory subjects of Urdu and English. I had, during this period, an opportunity to be a student of many able teachers whom I can never forget. The long list of teachers includes the names of Ch Muhammad Ali, Sahibzada Mirza Anas Ahmad, Dr. Nasir Ahmad Perwaiz Parwazi, Mr. Aftab Ahmad, Ch Hameed Ahmad, Ch. Muhammad Shareef Khalid, Ch Aziz Ahmad Tahir and Ch Sultan Akbar. While in B.A. some other teachers also joined the list. These included Sahibzada Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Mr. Munawar Shameem Khalid, Mr. Muhammad Aslam Sabir and Ch Ataullah. Barring Mr. Aftab Ahmad who later joined the Income Tax Department as a class II officer, all teachers were Ahmadi who mostly belonged to Rabwah. They were very much devoted and concerned about the character building of their students.
I had no direct contact with the teachers of science subjects but in due course of time I had the opportunity of interaction with all of them one way or the other. These included Mirza Ata-ur-Rehman, Mr. Habibullah Khan, Dr. Sultan Mehmood Shahid, Dr. Nasir Ahmad Khan, Mr. Abdus Shakoor Aslam, Dr. Muhammad Shareef, Mr. Masood Ahmad Atif, Ch Hameedullah, late Mr. Abdul Rasheed Ghani and some others whose names I have not been able to recollect immediately. All I can say is that I have very sweet memories of all these very respectable teachers who also gave me lot of love and affection.
Needless to mention, I got due share of love from Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the principal and Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Nasir, the professor of mathematics,who was my real uncle. It may not be out of place to mention four persons namely Ch Mehfooz ur Rehman, Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Anwar Hyderabadi, DPE; Mr. Abdul Rehman Junaid Hashmi, Office Superintendent and Mr. Fazal Dad, Librarian.I started knowing them during my stay in the college and found them very considerate and kind. After graduation, I took admission in the Political Science Department of Punjab University, Lahore for M.A. At one stage thereafter, I also intended to do M.A. in Arabic also but did not take regular admission. Since head of the Arabic department, Sufi Basharat-ur-Rehman knew me well and other members of the faculty also held me in high esteem, I was allowed to sit in the class as a casual student but somehow I could not continue.
I appeared in the Central Superior Services of Pakistan Examination, 1969 and was selected for Pakistan Taxation Service (now called IRS). I served this department for about 34 years and retired in grade 21 in the end of December, 2004. After my retirement, I was appointed Member, Punjab Public Service Commission in which capacity I served till the end of 2009.
It may be added that I had an opportunity to write about some of my international travels. Three of my books viz Shouq Hamsafar Mera, Safar Zindagi Hay and Ik Safar Aur Sahi narrate my travels to USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Iran, Turkey and Kuwait. I have also written on the historical and cultural heritage of Punjab and four books in this series have so far been published. These are: Manzil Na Kar Kabool, Nai Manzalain Hain Pukkarti, Ik Jahan Aur and Armughan-e-Multan. All these books have been published by Ferozesons and highly appreciated by the critics. I am now leading a retired life and settled in Lahore.

Following are my telephone number and email address




Message from Dr. Naeem Ahmad Tahir
Member Executive Committee, TICOSA

   Dr. N. A. Tahir, Darmstadt / Germany

      Dr. N. A. Tahir

It is a matter of great pleasure to know that finally, the "Association of the T. I. College Old Students" has been formed. Thanks to Professor Chaudhry Hameed Ahmad Sahib and other friends who worked strenuously to achieve this goal. The main purpose of this organization is to keep the luminous traditions and high values of this great institution alive. I joined T. I. College Rabwah as an F. Sc. student in 1966. Although by that time Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Khalifa tul Masih III was not the Principal of the college anymore, nevertheless the high moral, ethical and educational standards that were achieved during his leadership were still there. Since the majority of the professors were Waqifin, they did their job with a missionary spirit that was apparent from the extremely good results that were achieved every year.

One always felt a family like atmosphere in the college because the teachers were caring and generous, always ready to support the students whenever they required help. At that time Professor Qazi Mohammad Aslam Sahib was the principal. Some other names that I remember are Professor Chaudhri Mohammad Ali, Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan, Professor Sultan Mahmood Shahid, Professor Mian Ata ur Rehman, Professor Chaudhri Hameed Ullah, Professor Chaudhri Hameed Ahmad, Professor Abdur Rashid Ghani, Professor Mirza Khurshid Ahmad, Professor Basharat ur Rehman and Professor Masud Atif.

In 1970 the T. I. College, Rabwah was granted permission by the University of Punjab to offer M. Sc. degree in Physics which was a great step forward in the history of the college. It was the tireless and sincere efforts of the late Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan under the auspices of Hazrat Khalifa tul Massih III that made such an important thing to happen.
I obtained a B. Sc. degree from the T. I. College in 1970 and was interested in doing an M. Sc. in Physics. In those days, the University of Punjab Lahore and the Government College Lahore were popular places for doing a Masters Degree as they were well established institutions with good reputation. On the other hand, at the T. I. College, this facility was only one year old. However, due to the excellent experience I had during my four year stay, I decided to join M. Sc. Physics courses at T. I. College, Rabwah. This opened a new chapter in my life. Although over thirty years have passed since I finished my studies at T. I. College, I still cherish the sweet memories of those days. During my professional life I have had the chance to work at numerous very good universities and excellent research centers all over the world which helped me to improve my worldly knowledge tremendously. However, nowhere in the world I could find the high moral and ethical standards that I experienced at the T. I. College, Rabwah.
Professor Naseer Ahmad Khan who was the Head of the Physics Department, took personal care for the wellbeing of every student and did everything possible to provide the students with all the necessary means and facilities to achieve success. His aim was twofold. First to encourage the students to show excellent performance in M. Sc. exams and do better than students at other institutions and second to prepare them for higher education abroad after they finish the Masters. Until the college was taken over by the Government of Pakistan, the students from the T. I. College always showed excellent performance compared to the University of Punjab and the Government College Lahore. Most of those students later obtained higher education abroad and now have responsible positions in different European Countries and the United States. I would also like to acknowledge the support and generosity of the late Professors Mian Ata ur Rehman and Masud Atif who were very kind and helpful to all the students. Late Professor Dr. Abdus Salam also visited the college a number of times and in his speeches he always urged the audience to excel in different fields of science and technology. His advice and encouragement was instrumental in shaping the future of many of the students. Finally, I would like to mention that all the success that was achieved during those years was made possible due to the full support, guidance and prayers of Hazrat Khalifa tul Massih III. wassalam Naeem A. Tahir


Message from Nawabzada Hamid Ahmad Khan

   Hamid Ahmad Khan, Leesburg, VA

      Hamid Ahmad Khan

Dear Chaudhry Sahib
Assalam o alaikum
My name is Hamid Ahmad Khan and I am an ex-student of Taleem ul Islam College, Lahore and later Rabwah. I am older brother of Mahmood Ahmad Khan whom you have mentioned as pilot. Mahmood as popularly known as Captain M. A. Khan who retired as Chief Pilot after a distinguished service in PIA covering over four decades. He now lives in Karachi and is a successful agriculturist in Sind as well as Punjab. His e-mail address is duee42@hotmail.com .
I joined T. I. College Lahore in 1952 as pre-medical student for two years but could not continue in the field due to lack of interest. I rejoined the college at Rabwah in 1954 as a student of economics and graduated in 1958. For 6 years I helped my father on his land in Sargodha. Then in 1964 I joined National Bank of Pakistan where I was Manager of its Gulberg Branch Lahore until 1965. Then I was selected for foreign Exchange training by the United California Bank, Los Angeles for one year. Upon completion of the training I served the Foreign Department for a brief period at the Head Office in Karachi. I was transferred to Hong Kong in 1971 and then to New York, Chicago and Bahamas where I was Manager of Nassau Bahamas Branch. I resigned from NBP in 1979 to join The Fuji Bank of Japan as its Operations Manager at its Chicago Branch. After three years of serving the Japanese Bank I was hired by BCCI at its American Operation to head its International Trade Finance Area at Miami to supervise its operation in Miami, Caribbean and Latin America. I was an unfortunate victim of its demise in 1990 when this great bank was forced to close down globally.

I joined T. I. College Lahore in 1952 as pre-medical student for two years but could not continue in the field due to lack of interest. I rejoined the college at Rabwah in 1954 as a student of economics and graduated in 1958. For 6 years I helped my father on his land in Sargodha. Then in 1964 I joined National Bank of Pakistan where I was Manager of its Gulberg Branch Lahore until 1965. Then I was selected for foreign Exchange training by the United California Bank, Los Angeles for one year. Upon completion of the training I served the Foreign Department for a brief period at the Head Office in Karachi. I was transferred to Hong Kong in 1971 and then to New York, Chicago and Bahamas where I was Manager of Nassau Bahamas Branch. I resigned from NBP in 1979 to join The Fuji Bank of Japan as its Operations Manager at its Chicago Branch. After three years of serving the Japanese Bank I was hired by BCCI at its American Operation to head its International Trade Finance Area at Miami to supervise its operation in Miami, Caribbean and Latin America. I was an unfortunate victim of its demise in 1990 when this great bank was forced to close down globally.
Since then I have been more or less retired and pursue my passion for travel and photography.
The addresses of Sahibzadgan which you have sought is very simple. Just write the name of the Sahibzada Sahib then Mohallah Darul Sadar then Chenabnagar (Rabwah), Pakistan. For instance the address of Sahibzada Mirza Hanif Ahmad Sahib would be:
Sahibzada Mirza Hanif Ahmad
Mohallah Darul Sadar
Chenabnagar (Rabwah)
Other Sahibzadgan should be addressed similarly and the correspondence will reach them positively.
I have fondest memories of the college. Its loss has saddened me and hurt the new generation profoundly. The college provided a fantastic crop of great leaders for the Jama'at. I look around and see its old students serving in the true tradition of Ahmadiyyat all over the world. I was reading an article on the Internet written by an enemy of Jama'at who rejoiced that by loosing the college Ahmadiyyat has lost the institution which produced its core leadership. He said that we were happy when this great instrument of power was taken away from Ahmadiyyat through Nationalization. But we were always fearful that this dynamic Jama'at will soon reconstruct their vital organization. However to our joy and surprise the leadership after its second Khalifa lacked the farsightedness and never rebuilt its college. The author, mistakenly concluded that now it was just a matter of time when all the old students of Rabwah College would be dead and then the Jama'at will have no true leadership on the patron of its original culture which was the back bone of its success.
No people have ever commanded respect and power without knowledge, culture and higher education. The example of 'Jews is most vivid. We are still a young community. We can loose our identity in the sea of hostile cultures if we do not rebuild T. I. Colleges or similar institutions. We can build a better college with far bigger role to play in the future to shape and ensure continued growth of the original Jama'at of Hazrat e Aqdas (as).
Congratulations on your great effort. I was moved by the messages of Kanwar Idrees who was my senior and then my professor of economics and also that of Imam Bashir Rafiq whom I remember so well and also of Chaudhry Mohammad Ali my favorite teacher and mentor. May Allah bless them with long productive life and when the time come may God accept us all in His Forgiveness and Mercy and keep us in His loving care. May Allah bless the soul of Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Khalifatul Masih III and others who have parted us in time.
Hamid Ahmad Khan
P. O. Box 1108
Leesburg, VA 20176
(615) 403-4467

Nawab Hamid Ahmad Khan with Sahibzada Mirza Hanif Ahmad (Photo provided by Nawab Hamid Ahmad Khan)


Message from Dr. Mirza Mubashar Ahmad, F.R.C.S.
Fazal-e-Omar Hospital Rabwah

   Dr. Mirza Mubashar Ahmad, Rabwah

      Dr. Mirza Mubashar Ahmad

Assalamo Alaiku, I have come to know of the of OLD STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE today. How ignorant I am. You may know me, if its so, please tell me how can I be added to the list of old students of this now forgotten institution. I am Dr. Mirza Mubashar Ahmad, FRCSED, at present head of department of surgery at the F.O. Hospital, Rabwah, Pakistan. I was at T.I. College from 1958 to 1962, did my F.Sc. in medical, stood first in the college and got the government merit scholarship and was admitted to King Edward Medical College, Lahore, where I did my MBBS in 1968. I went to England in January 1970 for further training and did my fellowship in surgery from Edinburgh University in 1977. Being a Faqif-e-Zindagi I returned to Rabwah and am working at the F.O. Hospital as Head of Surgery. I have seen the hospital grow as it stands today.

There are many things that can be added to my profile later. Sir, it will be an obligation on your part if I am added to the old students section. I shall insha Allah pay the subscription if any.
Eagerly waiting for acknowledgement.

Dr. Mirza Mobashar Ahmad  


Message from Captain M.A. Khan
Son of Nawab Mohammad Ahmad Khan

   Capt. Mahmood Ahmad Khan, Karachi

      Capt. M. A. Khan

Unfortunately I could not continue at T. I. College for the completion my Fsc as I had to shift to Lahore for my Flying training with Lahore flying School (Club).
I appeared privately for my Fsc.
I qualified as commercial pilot and obtained the Commercial Pilot’s license in 1967 from Lahore flying club Flying School and was taken in PIA same year.
In PIA in the nitial trainig phase I qualified and obtained ATP license (Airline transport pilot rating)
Although I was never a bright student at college but my performance on the professional side has always been outstanding. During my 35 years of service in Pakistan International Airlines as a pilot I have always been utilized as an instructor pilot.
When CAA Pakistan (Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan) established flight inspectorate I was the first one to be appointed as their Flight Inspector on Air buss A300 aircraft, I was latter appointed as CAA flight inspector on Boeing 747 aircraft upon my promotion on that equipment. I have been in the management as Chief Pilot Planning Scheduling & Coordination for almost seven and a half years, the longest period any pilot in PIA has ever been on a management post. I retired as a Boeing 747 captain on Dec.16 2002.
If required I may send some of my pictures taken on and after my last flight in PIA. With this mail two pictures are being attached herewith.

1. When CAA Pakistan (Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan) established flight inspectorate I was the first one to be appointed as their Flight Inspector on Air buss A300 aircraft, I was latter appointed as CAA flight inspector on Boeing 747 aircraft upon my promotion on that equipment. I have been in the management as Chief Pilot Planning Scheduling & Coordination for almost seven and a half years, the longest period any pilot in PIA has ever been on a management post. I retired as a Boeing 747 captain on Dec.16 2002.
If required I may send some of my pictures taken on and after my last flight in PIA. With this mail two pictures are being attached herewith.
1. My picture 2. The picture with Boeing 747 has a caption “this is the aircraft I fly” this Post Card was made when I was still in service.
Best regards,
Captain M.A.Khan (Rtd)
Mahmood Ahmed Khan S/O Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan
Karachi Pakistan

Note: I am very grateful to our friend Hamid Ahmad Khan, who has motivated his younger brother to send his photo and the above note. Mahmood has sent the photograph below to put on record his unforgettable association with PIA. I am sorry for the poor quality of the photo, which is due to my lack of expertise in the field.- Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry


Message from Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad Khan, Karachi

   Dr. M. A. Khan, Karachi

      Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad Khan

Ustazi -ul- Mukurrum Chaudhary Sahib
It is very kind of you to advise me to cotribute to the TIC website. As an alumni of TIC, I feel indebted to you and your colleagues for providing us this wonderful forum to cherish our sweet memories associated with the charismatic environment of TIC campus.
For me,TIC website has revived memories that had gotten blurred in wake of last 35 years. I have again come to know the whereabouts of many old friends and teachers and how they have progressed in their lives. I was indeed glad to know about Dr Muhammed Sharif Khan who taught me the basics of the life sciences.
I consider my self as a humble product of TIC and still live with this strong conviction, that the kind of education and mentors that we had at TIC is hardly to be surpassed by any comparable institute. It is because of their dedication that many of us are what we are today, and my deepest gratitude goes out to them.
In 1971 I graduated from TIC and then obtained Master's degree in Botany from Punjab University in 1973 . Later I served for a period of three years in Nusrat Jehan Scheme in Sierra Leone. I returned home in 1981 after accomplishing doctrate from the Queen's University Belfast. I was advised by Hazarat Khalifa tul Messih lll to look for a professional career in Pakistan and so far God has been very kind and helped me adhere to the advice of Hazur.
I have served Pakistan Agriculture Research Council in various capacities for almost 12 years (1982-1993). Since 1993 I have been associated with Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd., which is a leading company in Pakistan's corporate set up.
I am accessible on e-mail and telephone, details of which are given below.
Chuadhary sahib we pray Allah may bless you with good and innovative ideas to make TIC Alumni Association a very puposeful forum.

With best regards,
Muzaffer A. Khan Tel: Office +92 21 5611060 -9 Direct line 5610293 .
Residence 585 72 98 & 5857702 Mobile +92 300 8275041


Leter from Tahir Arif (Pakistan)

   Tahir Arif

      Tahir Arif

Dear Chaudhry Sahib,
Assalam o alaikum wa rematullah
Thank-you for inviting me to contribute to the Souvenir. Having worked with you as the student Editor of Al-Minar English section in 1967-68, I have no doubt that it will be a worthy presentation.
I migrated to T I College Rabwah in first year in 1967 from Government College Sargodha. Similarly, my younger brother Dr. Tayyib Arif also migrated to T I college five years later. I can declare with the fullest emphasis at my command that T I College Rabwah played a vital role in moulding our educational career- nay, our lives in such a way that we were able to achieve successes and win accolades in our later life. We both won College Colour and Tayyib also won role of honour for standing first in the college in Fsc (pre-medical). We both were cabinet members of the students union also.
The greatest impact that my stay in T I College had on me was that it strengthened my personality and self-belief. I owe a lot to my teachers, my fellow students, my friends and to the every environment of T I College Rabwah. I would be failing if I did not mention Baba Shaadi, Shamoon, Laeeq Sahib (dispenser)and our hostel staff who were caring and ever ready to make our lives as comfortable as possible. Now that I have embarked upon this journey down the memory lane, I remember a lot of my old friends and the fun we had together. I cannot join Longfellow in saying:
"Let the dead past bury its dead".
Rather, for each one of those who have left us I say, in the words of Shelley :
"He lives, he wakes 'tis death is dead; not he, mourn not for Adonais".
In fact, I sing along with Keats:
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness"

T I College, from its inception and inauguration to the climax and height of its achievement, is a joy forever!
Allah Hafiz,
Tahir Arif.

In an earlier mail he sent from Canada some years back he wrote: Thank you for your email.I was just so busy that could not reply earlier.
I hope you will forgive.
Infact I am doing a course at the National Defence college and I was
selected to make a presentation to the President.
I shall inshaallah write to you soon .
My sincere regards to you and all friends .
Allah Hafiz
Tahir Arif





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