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An Important information for T. I. C. Old students in Canada

On the initiative of Malik Lal Khan, the National Amir of Canada, a reception was arranged by old students of T.I. College, in honor of Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry, who was on a brief private visit to Canada. . It was held on Wednesday, the 18th of May, 2011. On account of the limited space, it was confined to those who had attended the college from its inception in 1944 till the year 1965. 2011. It was an informal get together in which memories of the college days were shared by the participants. Prof. Hamid Ahmad related how an association of old students was organized in Germany. He said it is now a formally registered body. With the approval of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, with the Grace of God the T.I. College Old Students Association has been regularly offering 10 scholarships each year to Nazir Talim. At the end Malik Lal Khan, the national Amir of Canada proposed that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V, should be approached for permission to the establish an association of T.I.C. old students in Canada. He suggested that Mr. Hadayatullah Hadi should be asked to act as coordinator to request Hazur-e-Aqdas for permission and work out the initial necessary formalities. The suggestion was unanimously agreed upon. Here are some photos taken on the occasion. ( It has been reported that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V has permitted establishment of T.I. College old students association in Canada and the first meeting has been convened during the Jalsa Salana 2011.)

Sitting (Left to right): Malik Rashid Ahmad, Lutf-ur-Rehman (Luppa) son of Hazrat Maulana Arjuman Khan, Commander Mohammad Aslam Chaudhry, Prof Mohammad Aslam Sabir, Maulana Mubarak Ahmad Nazir, Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry, Malik Lal Khan, Prof. Mubarak Ahmad Ansari, Dr. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi, Khalifa Abdul Aziz
Standing: Left to right): Kaleem Ahmad Malik, Naib Amir, Ch. Mahmood Ahmad B.T.,Abdul Haleem Tayyab, Qazi Mubashar Ahmad , Abdul Hamid Hamidi, Abdul Shakoor Azhar, Nasir Ahmad Khan, Col.(R) Raja Mohammad Aslam, Munirul Haq Shahid, Kaleemullah Faizi, Hidayatullah Hadi, Qazi Mubarak Ahmad, Col. (R) Dr. S. M. Khairul Bashar, Karim Ahmad Tahir, Ch. Sharif Ahmad, Ayaz Ahmad Ayaz, Col. (R) Dildar Ahmad, Qureshi Faiz Muhyuddin, M.A. Rashid Yahya,Nasim Ahmad Sarfaraz, Jamil Ahmad Butt – Denmark
Left to right: 1. Ch. Sharif Ahmad 2. M.A. Rashid Yahya 3. Mubarak Ahmad Nazir 4. Abdul Hamid Hamidi 5. Kaleem Ahmad Malik – Naib Amir Canada 6. Lutfur Rahman – Luppa – son of Late Maulana Arjuman Khan 7. Malik M. A. Rashid – Engineer 8. Rafiq Ahmad Zia 9. Hidayatullah Hadi – 10. Abdul Shakoor Azhar 11. Qureshi Faiz Muhyuddin 12. Qazi Mobashar Ahmad 13. Abdul Haleem Tayyeb
Prof. Hamid Ahmad, Malik Lal Khan, the National Amir of Canada and Khalifa Abdul Aziz (the Naib Amir)

Second get-together of T.I. College Old students in Canada

Old Students of the college arranged another get together in honour of Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Wakil-e-Aala, Tehrik-e-Jadeed Rabwah, who was on a visit to the Canada. The meeting was held on 31st of August 2011 and was well attended. Memories of the life in college days were exchanged. It was decided that elections of office bearers for the T.I. College old students association shall be hel on the occasion of the coming Shoora. Some of the group photos taken on the occasion.

Sitting (Left to right): Prof. M. Aslam Sabir, Prof. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi, Prof. Mubarak Ahmad Ansari, Khalifa Abdul Aziz, Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Malik Lal Khan, Mubarak Ahmad Nazir,Col. (R) Diladar Ahmad
Standing: Left to right)

A Reception Dinner in the Honour of Prof. Ch. Hamid Ahmad Sahib by Respected Amir Sahib Canada on February 4, 2012 A reception dinner was arranged in the honour of Prof. Ch. Hamid Ahmad Sahib, President T.I. College Old Student Association Germany by Respected Amir Sahib Canada on February 4, 20102 at 8:30 p.m. in the Guest House. Participants included some old students of T.I. College, like Respected Amir Sahib Jamat Ahmad iyya Canada, Mr. Kalim Ahmad Malik Sahib, Naib Amir; Mr. Hafeez Haidrani, Regional Amir, he is the most senior old student of the College; Mr. Sajjad A. Malik, Finance Secretary TICOSA Canada, S. H. Hadi, General Secretary TICOSA Canada. Beside that Col. Mohammad Amjad Khan, National Secretary Property, Naseer Ahmad Khan, National Secretary Dyiafat, Malik Khalid Mahmood, Regional Amir, Sheikh Mohammad A’mir, Regional Amir, Sahib Nasir , Secretary to Amir Sahib, Fakhar Loan, Official Dept. of Dyiafat, etc. Prof. Hamid Ahmad Ch. Sahib explained the brief history, purposes and blessings of the, Howe the Association was established in Germany. What is the extreme desire of the Hadhur-e-Anwar from this association? Prof. Sahib gave us a beautiful guidelines, and lovely explained how to solve the difficulties when arise in the beginning. However, he advised we should try our best to fundraise for the donation to student at Rabwah through Nazarat Talim with open heart generously. Respected Amir Sahib made assurance we will carry out your precious advice and fulfill the desire of Hadhur-e-Anwar in this regard. After that he led silent prayer and took group photo with Prof. Ch. Hamid Ahmad Sahib. Later on around 10:30 p.m. we all went to Prof. Dr. Perwaiz Parwazi ‘s home at Mississauga for heartfelt condolences of demised death of his mother who passed away on the same day and was buried at Bahashi Maqbara Rabwah on February 5, 2012. (Report by Syed Hadayatullah Hadi)
This photograph was taken on this occasion.

Malik Lal Khan, Mirza Mobashar Ahmad and other Students with Hazrat Chaudhry Mohammad Zafrullah Khan

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Zakaria Virk has kindly sent this photo of Hadi, Falauddin and himself in Canada
Brother S.H. Hadi has send the following photo of Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Sultan Akbar
Students of Hazrat Maulana Arjumand Khan know how deeply he loved LUPPA. Here is the Maulana with his son in Canada
An Appeal to fellow old students from S. H. Hadi
Nisar Ahmad, Chaudhry Mubarak Muslehuddin, S. H. Hadi & Malik Hamid
Mr. Pervaiz (Canada), Ch. Waseem Marhoom, Shakeel Ahmed (germany), Mabroor Ahmed (canada), Nasir Atiq (germany), Munir Furrakh (pak) and Sharif ur Rehman (Germany)
Tahir Arif and Abdul Hayee Basharat in Canada
Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan, with Abdul Hayee Basharat and Shaukat Piracha in Canada
Karim and Rashid
Muzaffer Zia, Salam Abdul Jamil (USA), Khalid Aslam (UK), Ch. Fazal (Pak), One of the Bajwas (we have many ) with turban), Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman (US) second last from left
Mubasher Dar, (Can), Farid Ahmad Khan (Canada) and Tahir Hanger (late) Canada

Photos sent by Hadayatullah Hadi – A memorable collection

Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali among his loving students in Canada
Sajjad, Hadi, Col. Raja Mohammad Aslam, Dr. Nasir Parwazi, and Malik Lal Khan
Hadi with Sahibzada Mirza Anas Ahmad in Canada, both are old students of the college
Hadayatulah Hadi and Kalimullah Faizi with Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali
Hadayatulah Hadi, a friend and Hasan Mohammad Arif (an old student) in Canada