An evening with Safir-ul-Haq Rammah and Punjabi Mushaira in Frankfurt on 14.10.2008

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T.I.College Old Students Association arrnaged an evening with Safir-ul-Haq Rammah who was on a short private visit to Germany. A Punjabi Mushaira was also held on the occasion. Safir Rammah read a paper on the history of Punjabi language and the need to realise its importance as a sweet mother tongue. He observed that Punjabi was one of the oldest and richest of the Indian langunages, but after the fall of Raja Ranjeet Singh the colonialist British regime deliberately discouraged it and reduced it to the language of labourers, with the result that many of its native speakers are suffering from an inferiority complex. Even after the partition of the sub-continent, Punjabi enjoyed no patronage from the official circles. Safeer Rammah has organised an academy of the Punjab in North America and created a beautiful comprehensive website under the address:

on which one can read and hear almost everything written in Punjabi language, both in Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi scripts. A Punjabi quarterly magazine “SANJH” is also being regularly published from United States under his supervision. Safir Rammah has travelled several times to India and Pakistan to motivate the Punjabis and to elicit official support for development of the language. Thanks to the efforts of Safir Rammah, Punjabi is now beginning to enjoy support from government of both East and West Punjab. Here are some photos taken on the occasion.

Safirul Haq Rammah with his hosts before the meeting
Another Photo of Friends

The poets who presented their Kalam

Message from Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali Sahib, Rabwah.