Proctorial System

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The Proctorial system was designed to monitor the disciplinary aspect of the students. Whereas discipline inside the classroom was the responsibility of individual professors, and in the hostel that of the Superintendent, discipline outside the college premises belonged to the domain of the proctorial system. Prof. Soofi Basharat-ur-Rehman was the first chief Proctor, assisted by Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, who later took over from Soofi Sahib as Chief proctor. So far as I know Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, who was also head of the department of Mathematics, remained the Chief Proctor until the college was nationalised and Chaudhry Sahib bid farewell to the college. (Chaudhry Sahib shall be requested to write a note on the proctorial system of the college.)
Proctorial monitors in different areas of the town were selected from amongst the students. Serious disciplinary cases were also handled by the chief proctor.

Proctors and Proctorial Monitors with the Principal (1959-1960)

Chairs (L to R): Khalifa Falah-ud-Din, Aziz Ahmad, Prof. Basharat-ur-Rehman (Chief Proctor), Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (Principal), Ch. Hameedullah (Proctor), Hamid Ahmad, Mirza Idress Ahmad
Standing: (Left to Right): Abdul latif Khan, Khalid Mahmood, Akhtar Hussain, Mobashar ahmad, Hamid Ahmad, M. Aslam zafar, Raheed Ahmad Javed, Mobashar Ahmad