Letter from Mr. Suleman Ahmad Tahir, Karachi

Respectable Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad Sahib,
Assalaamo alaikum Waramatullah. I am Suleman Ahmad Tahir s/o late Chaudhry Sultan Ahmad Tahir sahib. I had the privilege of studying at TI School from 1952 to 1960 upto class 8 and then in TI College Rabwah from 1964 to 1967. I was your student in these years. I did my B.Sc in 1967 and then did my M.B.A from Institute of Business Administration, University of Karachi as a resident student in 1969. I worked for American Life Insurance Company from 1970 t0 1974. Then in 1974 I started my own business by the name of Property Links. I am an estate agent in Karachi. I have travelled extensively in Europe during 1978 and 1992. I have met some old class mates and college mates at various Jalsas in London. I am enclosing my photograph for ‘revival of my image’ in your mind. It is indeed a pleasure to visit your website and I thank you for your continued efforts to bring old students and the respectable faculty of the school and college that is TALIMUL ISLAM. Wassalaam,
Yours sincerely
Suleman Tahir Karachi