LT. Col. (Retired) Basharat Ahmed Sethi, Islamabad

I was born at Qadian on 12th Aug, 1941. I belong to Sethi family of Jhelum. I joined T.I College in 1957 and stayed there till 1960 where I was staying at Fazl-e-Umar Hostel. I joined PMA on 10th May, 1960 from where I was commissioned on 13th Oct, 1963 and joined Punjab Regiment at Malir Cantt, Karachi. I fought Run of Kutch War and 1965 war with 18 Punjab. As a Captain, I was then posted to East Pakistan and came back to West Pakistan in 1968. I participated in 1971 War at Chamb. I attended Staff Course at Command and Staff College Quetta in 1973. I was promoted on 12th Aug, 1976 as Lt. Col. and Commanded two units and was mostly posted on staff and instructional appointments. In 1974 during the agitation against Ahmadis my younger brother Maqbool Ahmad Sethi embraced Shahadad at Jhelum and my two elder brothers were wounded. My younger brother Mahboob Ahmad Sethi lost his one eye. I retired on 7th Aug, 1989 and stayed in Chaklala, Rawalpindi. Since last 7 years, I am working as Secretary Amoor-e- Ama and incharge Dawat-il-Allah Rawalpindi. I was married on 25th Nov, 1966 and have got one son Sarfraz Ahmed Sethi with whom I am staying now at Islamabad.