Letter of Dr. Saeed A. Bashir, USA

Dear Hamid Sahib
I was at the T.I College from 1964 to 1966. I was a student from Chiniot and attended your English classes as part of pre-med F.SC. I am writing to you to express my deepest gratitude and love for the College. I belong to the 45% of the “non Ahmadi” students that this great institution kindly nurtured. I was given a special attention by Mirza Nasir Ahmad Sahib, as he was always kind enough to call me by my name and talk to me while traveling between his office and home, while we waited in the “Zoology” corridor for classes to begin. The Ahmadi students were always amazed at this as they asked me as to how did I know Mian Sahib and why is he so kind to me ?? I told them that Mian Sahib has adopted me, ever since he interviewed me for admission, and I feel him close to my heart.  
I am also thankful to have teachers like Parwazi sahib and Dr. Sharif Khan sahib amongst others. I have seen very few teachers as dedicated as them . Our college was like a mother to every one, regardless of ones religious belief. I live and practice Vet. Med in the USA and travel to Chiniot every year . I fondly drive by the college every year, but am heartbroken at the sad demise of one of the most wonderful educational institutions of the subcontinent. It feels like my mother is dying and it calls me to help.I hope Govt. of Pakistan will soon do the right thing and return this great institution to its sincere and dedicated previous operators.
Thanks for the web page. God bless all of the Alumni, teachers and all others involved.
Saeed A. Bashir,DVM