Message from Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, Frankfurt/Germany

It gives me a great pleasure to express my feelings about my Alma Mater and its respected teachers for whom I can not find words to extend my thanks. Who took me from crayon to perfume and taught me right from wrong. I sometimes hum the hindi song” Ko’ee lauta day mairay Beetay ho’wee din”. It took us years to cross the wall which separated Talim ul Islam High School and College. Though, we could get few glimpses from the Boarding House windows opened towards the College and always wished to be in the premises one day wearing a black “gown”. At last the day came when we were filling in the admission forms to join the first year of the college. It appeared as if all the 10th grades from from all over Pakistan had moved over to this new premises with some exceptions to obtain the best education and discipline.

There was no “ First Year Fooling” like in most of the other colleges, but a warm welcome from seniors. Although the building itself wasn’t all that grandiose and spectacular but inside, we had the best teachers who in spite of all financial constrains did their utmost to maintain a standard which was a peculiarity of the college and a matter of pride for parents and students. This esteemed institution produced intellectuals who attained key posts and ranks in civil and judicial services of the country as well as in Armed forces of Pakistan.
Even in games like Basketball and Rowing College kept a name for years not only at college level but at University level also. 4 years went like a wind, and we were out of the premises again with tears in our eyes, For which we dreamed for years. But the slogan “ Ilm-o-Aml” remained with us and will be our integral part till our last breath. I owe a lot to this institution. I salute all the members of Talim-ul-Islam College. HATS OFF FOR Talim-ul-Islam College.
I wish all the best for the hardworking team behind this website.
Mahmood A. MIRZA ( Frankfurt, Germany)