Message from Ata-ur-Raheem Hamad (U.S.A)

My dear Chaudhry Sahib,
Assalamo Alaikum
I was very much pleased to see the Website for aTalim-ul-Islam College oldboys. I read wonderful messages of old friends. I graduated in 1963. I was not a good student academically but I participated in athletics and sports. I won 4000 meters cycle race in 1962 in the college annual sports. From 1957 to 1959 I was the member of college cricket team under the presidentship of Sahibzada Mirza Khurshid Aahmed Sahib and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was the captain of the team. Nawab Shahid Ahmed Khan Pasha used to be the secretary of our team. Perhaps it was the year 1960 or 1961 when basketball was introduced in our college and later on in Rabwah.

Before the introduction of this new game T.I.College had earned a great name in inter-collegiate bumping boating race on river Ravi at Lahore.Our college participated in the Punjab University inter-collegiate basketball championship for the first time. For the first year our college lost in the very first match and in the second year too we could not win more than one match. Professor Naseer Ahmed Khan [late] was the president of basketball. He was a man of great determination. When our team lost in the second year, he encouraged and advised us to practice hard and make sure that we win next year. After we reached our college we were a vigorous exercise and training every morning and evening. It was really a landmark in the history of college when our basketball team won in the Punjab University inter-collegiate championship.

By the Grace of Allah we were able to defeat the old Christian colleges Lahore, Gordon College Rawalpindi, Murray College Sialkot etc.Alhamdolillah.
Please convey my hearty salutations to all my friends and old boys of the college and also remember me in your prayers.Thank you.
Yours Sinncerely,