Message from Dr. Safee Chaudhry

My Dear Hamid Sahib
Fellow Alumni
It is a great pleasure to learn that some of the alumni and former professors of Talim-ul-Islam College-Rabwah have gathered in Germany and formed an alumni association. This is admirable and encouraging news for all of the people who have had any involvement with this esteemed institution of higher learning.
I am certain that we all have some fond memories of our time spent there and this forum is intended to be a means by which we can all share them. We will soon be collecting the contact information from all of the alumni and past professors who currently reside in the United States and Canada. I will be serving as the Vice President of the North American chapter and will be asking for your assistance and cooperation in contacting all of these individuals. I hope that this group, which is supported by our beloved Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih, will grow by leaps and bounds in terms of both membership and activities, Inshallah.