Message from Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza

Assalamolaikum: My name is Mohyuddin Mirza (Dr. now) with roots at T.I. College from 1958-1960 in the same group with Dr. Hamid Ahmad Khan (Late). Humara nam be likh lan mhubat karna waloon meen. Lot of memories of that time. It seems that now that I look back a lot of foudnation work was done by the teachers and the environment of T.I. College at that time. The climate of respect and learning has been engrained in our genetics now. Recently I was reading a book from Dr. Pervaz Parvazin sahib ” Ahmadiyya Culture” which has few chapters on T.I. College. Jazakallah for working on this website.


Mohyuddin Mirza