Message from Safirul Haq Rammah

Mohtaram Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry Sahib
Assalam-o-Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahe Wabarakatohoo
It was only a few days ago that I learned about the establishment of T.I. College Rabwah Old Student’s Association and its website from an e-mail sent to me by Mahmood Mirza sahib from Germany. I congratulate you and the rest of your team for taking the lead for this important initiative that I am sure will be greatly appreciated by everyone who had been associated with this unique institution.
Looking at the pictures and reading various messages and articles on T.I. College website was an emotional and moving trip down the memory lane.Besides being a student, I also got the opportunity to teach there for a couple of years as an ad-hoc lecturer that deepened my association and appreciation for the College.

Establishing the Old Students Association and its web site is a wonderful idea. It provides us with an opportunity to solute the selfless dedication, hard work and love of our teachers at the College who had taken the task of educating us in a missionary spirit and had made an invaluable and priceless contribution in grooming the minds and characters of many generations of students.
T.I. College provided first-rate learning opportunities to many who could otherwise neither afford it nor even dream to get such excellent formal education. I certainly hope that besides bringing the old students in touch with each other, the Old Student Association will help in keeping alive the spirit of Ilm-o-Amal. We should remember how T.I College that was kept running in some very difficult times, and the personal sacrifices made by its teachers, not only gave us the advantage that helped us succeed in our personal lives but also made us the best educated community in Pakistan. Now that many of us are spread all over the world and are raising our children in some of the most modern countries, we should continue to strive for our next generations to excel in every field. I wish you success in your goals and will be available for any help I can provide.