Message from Justice Mohammad Islam Bhatti
Retired Judge Lahore High Court

My Dear Hameed,


It was one of the luckiest days of my life when in August 1952 my maternal uncle Mr. Aziz Masood Bhatti, on the asking of my mother took me to the T. I. College Lahore (as it then was) for admission in the first year. After filling-in the admission form at the administrative office, I was immediately ushered in the auspicious audience of Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (ra) Principal of the college. I found him to be an absolute epitome of love, kindness and fatherly affection. After going through my admission form and the academic record he asked me why I wanted to join the pre-medical group. Before I was out of my mumbling he, with his proverbial broad smile, remarked that he had asked all the brilliant students, seeking admission, to look forward for superior services and start preparing for competitive examinations right from the day one. That was the moment, which changed the entire scenario of my future. Saeed Ahmad Khan Rahmani and I opted for Inter-Arts (a strange combination of subjects). And lo and behold! I am sure the desire of the saintly person (who was going to be the next khalifatul Masih) was taken as a prayer by God Almighty there and then, and was also accepted. It was only the two of us (Saeed and I) who later joined the Civil Services.

It was at the T. I. College that my personality and the future career were carved and chiseled. I was a resident of the Fazl-e-Umer Hostel where Professors Ch. Mohammad Ali and Soofi Bisharatur Rahman were to take care of their wards, far better than their parents. They took real pains to provide guidance to the students not only with regard to their studies but also about their religious, health and emotional aspects, under the kind advice of the Principal. Hazrat Mian Sahib (ra) showered his blessings and kindness on all the students and I was one of them. I cannot help citing one or two instances of his love.

One day I was present in the lawn adjacent to his office when Hazrat Mian Sahib alighted from his “Wolseley” and on seeing me asked, if I was all right, because I was then keeping my right hand on my forehead. When I told him that I had headache I was directed to follow him to his office and soon as we entered, he sent for Mr. Junaid Hashmi Office Superintendent and instructed him to write a letter on his behalf to Qazi Bashir Ahmad, a renowned eye surgeon of the time. A few days thereafter I started wearing eyeglasses but the kindest Principal as he was, was satisfied only when he directed the tuck shop to provide me with daily milk, soybean, and almonds in such a large quantity that even my friend also enjoyed the bounty. Another instance of his profound kindness is that when I was Senior Civil Judge Sargodha and I happened to be with him; upon his asking me as to whether I had a house or plot anywhere and my submitting that I had none, he very kindly gave me a plot in Darul Aloom Gharbi, Rabwah where I recently got a house built under the kind supervision of his son Mirza Anas Ahmad. I am proud to say that I owe all that I achieved in my life to Hazrat Mian Sahib (ra) and his team of teachers such as Professors Akhund Abdul Qadir, Miam Attaurehman, Naseer Ahmad Khan, Maulana Arjumand Khan, Choudhry Hameedullah and many more including Chaudhry Sahib and Soofi Sahib as mentioned above. I had the singular honor of being elevated to the High Court Bench, being an Ahmadi who started his career as Sub Judge 4th class Charsada (NWFP) and that too after the bad an cruel constitution amendment of 1974 and infamous ordinance of 1984. It is amusing to note, that I was given the same oath as taken by the other judges. I would like to add that I was one of those fortunate students who migrated to Rabwah, along with the college in 1954 and had the good luck of enjoying the blessed and pious atmosphere of Rabwah. Hazrat musleh Maud (ra) was the Imam, and many Sahabas were also then alive and accessible. We use to request them for prayers. Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rajaiki, was also one of those saints. According to Soofi Sahib, he was the telephone having direct link to God, of which I am the living witness. Alhamdo Lillah. I had the privillage of being a class fellow of Saeed Ahmad Rehmani, Munawar Chiwinda, Nawab Hamid Khan, Nawab Shahid Ahmad Pasha, Malik Munawar Ahmad (Naib Nazir Darul Ziafat), and Commander Shamim Ahmad Khalid, Maulana Jameelur Rahman Rafiq. I also remained the Chief Editor of both Urdu and English sections of the College magazine “Al-Minar” and a literary figure of International repute Dr. Nasir Ahmad Perwaiz Perwazi was my Sub-Editor. It was another story that he acted as my mentor in many matters. At the end I wish all success and Godspeed to Professor Choudhry Hameed Ahmad and his team of office bearers of the Association. May God bless us all.
Assalamo-Alaikum to Huzoor and other participants and also make a humble request for prayer. May God bless you all.
Yours sincerely,
Muhammad Islam Bhatti