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Science society was one of the most active societies of the college. Not only did it arrange lectures, discussions and seminars in which the staff and students participated, it invited experts from all over the country. I have seen and heard Russian and American scientists delivering lectures on their respective subjects under auspices of the Science society. Prof. Mian Ata-ur-Rehman, Prof. Habibullah Khan, Dr. S. M. Shahid and Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan were among the most enthusiastic supervisors of the science society. In addition to its activities within the college premises, the science society arranged study tours of the industrial areas of the country. It used to take students round Mines and factories to enable them have a more close look at how science was in action.

Among other societies that were active in its field was the Urdu society, Majlis-e-Adab asit was commonly known. Professor Sheikh Mahboob Alam Khalik created great traditions of the Urdu society, which were later maintained by Prof. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi. It hosted annual Urdu Conferences, in which the well known Urdu-writers and poets took part. Dr. Wazir Agha, a rich landlord and a patron of poetry and poets was one of the regulars guests of the society

The college history society once arranged an oversees study tour. My friend Haji (the late Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad of Sheikhupura) used to describe in detail their visit to Irak and other countries of the middle east.

Science Society – T. I. College, Lahore in 1953
Sitting: L to R: Rashid, Adil, Khalid, Fazal, Tahir, Mahmood, Hamid, Munawar, Rashid
Chairs (Left to Right): Razzak, Prof. Mahmood Ahmad, Prof. S. M. Shahid, Zafar Mahmood, Sharif Soze (President), Mirza Nasir Ahmad M. A. (Oxon) (Principal), Bashir-ud-Din Ahmad (Secretary), Prof. Habibullah Khan, Prof. Naseer Ahmad Khan, A. Rashid Ghani, Zakaria Ismail
Standing(ist Row): Aftab, Arshad, Zia, Ghafoor, Mushtaq, Rafiq, Hamid, Suleman, Qadir, Mukhtar, Munir, Gulzar, Altaf Gondal, Tahir, Ijaz, shafiq, Mubarak, Abdul Rehman
Standing(2nd row): Rashid, Hamid, Haleem, Jaleel, Abid, Mannan, Ashfaq, Izhar, Nazir, Masood, Bajwa, Mohammad Ahmad, Abrar
Standing(3rd row): Osman, Aziz, Arshad, Rashid, Lateef, Sardar, Karim, Anwar, Zafar, Samiullah, Atiq, Bangesh, Wali shah, Hamid, Fazal, Mobashar
Standing(4th row): Nasir, Islam Bhatti, Rashid, Ikram, Ghaffar, Mushtaq, Ishaq, Khaleel, Hasan, Fazal, Sadiq, Ilyas Cheema, Hafiz
Standing(5th row): Jamil, Jaleel, Mubarak, Masood, Saleem Nasir, Hafeez, Suleman, Salim
Some Students with Prof. Dr. S. M. Shahid (1950)
Another group with Prof. Dr. S. M. Shahid (1950?)
Another group with Prof. Dr. S. M. Shahid (1950?)
Arabic Society 1959-60
Chairs (Left to Right): Mirza Anas Ahmad, Ijaz-ul-Haq, M. Ismail Waseem, Prof. Basharat-ur-Rehman, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (Principal), Latif Anwar (President), Ata-ul-Mujeeb Rashed, Anwar Hassan, Zia-ul-Haq
Standing(first row): Zartasht Munir, Mohammad Aslam, Mohammad Hamid, Siraj-ul.Haq, Khalid Mahmood, Latif Ahmad, Bashir Rehan, Mohammad Abdullah, Mohammad Iqbal, Rashid Ahmad Javed, Saeed Ahmad
Standing(second row): Shuja-ud-Din, Ata Ullah, Asghar Ali, M. Ismail, M. Daud Ahmad, Bashir Salik, Ghulam Mohammad, Mohammad Idress, Mohammad Safdar, Shahid Ahmad, Zafar Ahmad, Khalil Ahmad, Shamsul Haq, Ikram Ullah,
Standing(third row): Munir-ud-Din, Nasir Ahmad, Mahmood Ahmad, Basharat-ur-Rehman, Ihsanullah, Mohammad Naeem, Abdur Rab, Inam Ullah, Abdur Rashid, Mohammad Yousuf, Sharif Ahmad, Zafar Ahmad, Ashraf Khan
Standing(fourth row): Naseer Ahmad, Saadat Ahmad, Mubarak Ahmad, Inayatullah Mangla
Science Society – T. I. College, Rabwah in 1963-64
Sitting: L to R: Ghulam Nabi, Mahmood Rashid, Basharat, Sadaqat Ali, Bashir, Rashid Khalid, Salman, Anwar, Khalid Mahmood,
Chairs (Left to Right): Bilal Nasir, Masood Atif, Nasir Shahid, Prof. Mian Ata-ur-Rehman, A. Ghafoor Ehsan, Prof. Habibullah Khan, Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad M. A, (Oxon) Principal, A. Subhan Adil, Dr. S. M. Shahid, Sarfraz, Habib-ur-Rehman, Ghulzar, Abdul Aleem
Standing(1st Row): Arshad, Daud, Sharif, Iqbal, Hafeez, Yousaf, Salman, Younus, Tufail, Naseem, Intesar, Saeed, Naeem Tayyab, Iqbal, Mujeeb, Munawar, Laeeq, Hamid, Naseer
Standing(2nd row): Yousuf, Ayyaz, Aslam, Khaliq, Riaz, Kamal, Muzaffar, Moeen, Faisal, Rashid, Ghulzar, Munir, Nasir, Anwar, Nasir, Karim, Sarwar, Mubashar, Taimur, Azam, Sharif (Madadgar karkun- Chemistry)
Standing(3rd row): Aziz, Ahyauddin, Kaza, Fayyaz, Saleem, Karim, Zafrullah, Hanif, Mehboob, Hameed, Rafiq, Zafrullah, Latif, Rashid, Munawar, Muzaffar, Rafiq, Nasar, Zameer
Standing(4th row): Ijaz, Hamid, Khalid, Nasim, Akhtar, Triq, Anwar, Basharat, Ajmal, Ikram, Zakria, Nasir, Younus, Majeed, Tahir Khan, Mumtaz, Ashraf, Rashid
History Societyof the College with some guest speakers
(On chairs) Seeda Chattha, Prof. Saood Aahmad Khan, Maulana Dost Mohammad Shahid, Prof. Munawar Shamim Khalid, Abdul ghafoor Dogar
Some of the staff and students in the college during a speach in 1965 (photo sent by Zakaria Virk)
Arabic Society 1967
Those who are recognisable are M. Aslam Sabir (Professor in Charge) Majid Tahir, Hafeez Anwar, Laeeq Abid, Basharat Mahmood, Tahir Bajwa, Haleem Ahmad and Mobashar Kahlon
Mathematic Society 1973-74
From Left to Right on Chairs: Mohammad Abbas, Abdul Hai Tahir (President), Prof. Ch. Hameedullah (Head of the Mathematics Dept.), Prof. Ch. Mohammad Ali (Principal), Prof. Abdur Rashid Ghani (Chairman of the Mathematical Society), Alla Din Arshad (Seretary), Mohammad Ali. From Left to Right Standing: Fazal Ahmed, Zafar Mahmood, Syed Mohammad Ahmed, Mohammad Din, Mohammad Aslam Nasir, Unknown.
Who can remember who and where these friends are – Raja Aslam or Nazir Ahmad?