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Headed first by Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan and then by Dr. S. M. Shahid, the Student’s Union, in addition to organizing regular debates and declamation contests within the college, organized annual inter-collegiate debates, which were among the most memorable activities of the institution. Office bearers were elected by the students and they organized their own activities under the supervision of their professor-in-charge. The principal always took personal interest in all their functions. The college has produced some of the very best speakers in the country, to names only some of them Ц Kunwar Idrees, Waheed Saleem, Khalid Bashir, Saeed Rehmani, Mashhood Ahmad Shah,Abdus Sammi, Munawar Ahmad Nimmi, his brother Goga (Javed?) Jamild Latif, Ata-ul-karim, Ata-ul-Mujeeb, Mirza Fareed Ahmad, Saleem Nasir, Malik Kareem Ahmad, Majeed Tahir, Tahir Arif, Waseem Ahmad, Arshad Tirmazi and ЕЕЕ

Office bearers of Students in 1955
Saeed Ahmad Khan Rehmani,Principal Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Prof. Naseer Ahmad Khan,(name not known) Standing: Chaudhry Anees Akhtar, unknown, Raja Mohammad Aslam, (1955)
Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II, the Principal and Prof. Naseer Ahmad Khan (Ijaz Jajja, Sattar Noori, unrecognised, Ijaz Jauzi) (1955)
Office bearers of Students in 1965
Chairs: Mirza Farid Ahmad, Abdul Rashid, Ataul Mujeeb Rashid, Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Dr. S. M. Shahid, Nasim Saifi, Jamil Latif
Standing: Sh. Suleman, Ismatullah Javed, Mohammad Azam, Ahmad Karim
Students Union with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III, the Principal Prof. Qazi Mohammad Aslam, Dr. S.M. Shahid and Office bearers
Students Union 1967-68: Naeem Osman, Waseem Chaudhry- Secretary, Dr. S.M. Shahid, Principal Qazi Mohammad Aslam, Sami Tahir – President, Majeed Tahir (Best Speaker in Urdu), Abid Riaz, Standing: Fahim haider, Rashid Mansoor, Safir Rama
Students Union 1968-69
Saifullah Cheema (Joint Sec.), Abdul Majeed Tahir (President Students Union), Prof. Qazi MohammadA slam, Principal, Prof. Dr. S.M.Shahid, Naeemuddin Chaudhry (secretary Union) Standing: Waseem Ahmad Khan, Bashir Ahmad, Laeeq Ahmad Abid
Students Union 1968-69
Saifullah Cheema (Joint Sec.), Abdul Majid Tahir (President Students Union), Prof. Basharat-ur-Rehman (Acting Principal), Prof. Dr. S.M.Shahid, Mubarak Ahmad Saif Standing: Bashir Ahmad, Bashir Tariq, Nasir Atiq
Students Union 1969-70
Asadullah Khan Zahoor, Asim Sehrai, Principal Qazi Mohammad, Prof. Dr. S.M.Shahid, Bashir Ahmad Janjua, Nasir Javed Khan Standing: Bashir Tariq, Nasir Ahmad, M. Dawood Munir, Abdul Kareem Khalid, Tahir Malik
Students Union 1970-71
Tahir Ahmad Malik, Bashir Tariq, Prof. Dr. S.M.Shahid, Prof. Ch. Mohammad Ali (Principal), Naseer Ahmad, Maqsood ur Rehman, Laeeq Ahmad Abid Standing: Kaleem ul Haq, Mushtaq Ahmad, Habibullah Tariq