Letter from Brigadier Mohammad Latif, Islamabad, Pakistan

Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatohu
I am one of your, maybe, little known students of T I College, Rabwah. I came to know about TICOSA a few days back from Al-Fazal and immediately opened the web site. Since then I have been reading through the site and what a pleasure ! Thank you so much for this most wonderful idea. I joined The College and Fazal-e-Umar Hostel in 1963.Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Sahib was the Principal at that time.Needless to say that his personality was simply aw-inspiring. It was always a treat to even look at his god-like face and of course to listen to his speeches delivered in his soft but commanding voice. Later when he became Khalifa-tul-Masih, another renowned personality became our principal and he was Professor Qazi Muhammad Aslam Sahib.I was a science student but the science faculty and students would hardly remember me because I was to be rarely found in the corridors of Science Block.

I used to be rather regularly present in meetings of Bazm-e-Adab and Mushairas (amongst the audience) and of course, at the tuck shop, mostly in the small Staff Room next to the kitchen, either waiting for or in the august presence of my BELOVED Dr Pervaiz Parwazi.
I somehow managed to do my B.Sc in 1968. During my years at the college I had the honour of being on the editorial board of urdu section of AL-Manar under the guidance of Mohtaram Professor Mahboob Alam Khalid Sahib ( senior student editor , I think, was Hadi sahib). In the hostel, I was Chief Prefect during 1967-68. Immediately on leaving the college I joined Pakistan Army in March 1969.( Qazi Sahib did not like the idea of my joining the Army, because he always considered me suitable for Civil Service.” But, sir, for that, who would do M.A for me?”, I humbly asked Qazi Sahib and he smiled).

I was commissioned in Artillery and spent the next 32 and a half gruelling but most memorable years in a lifestyle which I tremendously value and cherish. I retired as a Brigadier in Sep 2001 and am settled in Rawalpindi.
My phone No is 092-51-5574327 and 092-300-8543419(mobile).
Thanks a lot once again.

I also know some of the old students who were in the Army, though I am not in contact with all of them. They are, Col Basharat Ahmad Sethi (in Sharja with his son), Col Naseem Ahmad Saifi ( in Rawalpindi), Col Ejaz Ahmad Tanvir (in Rawalpindi ), Col Asaf Jamil (in Rawalpindi), Major Azmat Malik (in Rawalpindi), Col Intesar Ahmad (probably in Lahore), Major Nasrullah Nasir ( died of cancer two years back—-Family is in Islamabad), Major Ibnul Islam (died of cancer three years back—Family is in Rawalpindi) and Wing Commander Tariq Pervaiz from PAF (in Fizaia Colony, Rawalpindi). I know DIG Tahir Arif very well but I haven’t met him since he got busy with his National Defence Course. I shall try to meet him soon and convey your message. I will find whatever photos I have and send them across.Meanwhile, I have an old photo of college times( or perhaps immediately after college time ie, early Army life) which I shall try to attach here.