Message from Dr. Suhail Khan, Holland

My dear Hameed sahib,
In Rabwah, I have spent the most important time of my life. My whole childhood is and remains in Rabwah. In my point of view, T.I.College Rabwah made my personality and the future. From 1980 – 1985, I spent almost 5 years in T.I. College Rabwah. After B.Sc. from T.I. College, I came to Holland and completed my masters and doctrate. After that I went to South Africa, Taiwan and USA for specialisations.
Today, I have my own private practice as a medical nutritionist/clinical dietitian, in three Dutch major cities, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I have written and published, until now, 3 books: one in Urdu (Sehet hi Zindgi he); one in Dutch (Voeding & Gezondheid bij Hindostanen) and one in English (Nutrition and Health for South Asians). In F.Sc and in B.Sc., I was taught by couple of wonderful teachers, like Prof. Sharif Khan (Biology, Zoology), Prof Atif (Physics). Prof. Ansari (Chemistery), Prof Jalil (English), Prof. Abid (Urdu), ….Those days were marvelous.
I thank you all for this remarkable initiative. God bless Rabwah, Pakistan.

With profound regards,
Dr. Suhail Khan
Nutritionist/Clinical Dietitian/Author

Titel covers of one of the books authored by Dr. Sohail Khan Title: Nutrition and Health for South Asians