Letter from Dr. Abdul Bary Malik, Bradford

Dear Sir
AssalamoAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatohu
Well done! You have done a wonderful job by preserving the history of T.I.College.
Can you kindly add the following:
Dr Abdul Bary Malik is an old student of T.I.College. He was Secretary of Biology Society in 1972 and Assiatant Editor of Almanaar(Urdu Section). He has served as a President of Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Bradford U.K for past 15years. He was awarded honorary Doctorate by the University of Bradford for his services to the communities of Bradford.

He was also awarded fellowship by Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and lifetime achievement award by Bradford Metropolitan Council.

Respected Professor Hamid Sahib
Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmtullah wa Barakatohu
I hope and pray that you are well. Masha Allah you are doing a wonderful job by preserving the history of T.I. College and by presenting the biographies and beautiful old and new photographs of old students. The memories of good old days keep coming back whenever I get a chance to browse through the site. May Allah reward you for all the hard work. Ameen. By the grace of Allah, I was awarded MBE (Member of British Empire) by Her Majesty The Queen in her new years honours on 28th December 2007. On 28th February 2008 I was presented a medal and a special certificate by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Please find attached the photograph taken by royal photographer on that occasion. Please remember me in your special prayers.
Dr Abdul Bary Malik MBE JP