Message from Maulana Fazal Elahi Anweri

After having matriculated from Govrnment High School Bhera in 1944, Maulana Fazal Elahi Anwari, who was the first student to be on the rolls of the college at Qadian in 1944. In recognition of his merit for having stood first in his school in the matriculation examination he was given roll number one. After his B.Sc. Maulana Anweri joined the Jamia Ahmadiyya and later rendered immense services to the Jamaat as missionary and Amir in Germany, Nigeria and Ghana. He has sent the following message to the association:

Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullah,
With extreme pleasure and happiness, I have learned that a website has been opened which aims at recording memories relating to the Talimul Islam College in a collective form. Being one among the first batch of students joining the college in 1944, I have appreciated very much the idea and wish the organizing committee every success in their venture to revive the memoirs connected with the college in one way or the other. It is a pity, however, that the college, from its very infancy, had to pass through odds and adversities. First, it was started at a time when the second word war was at the zenith of its horrors and holocaust and, on account of that, there prevailed dearth of every thing- of necessities of life, of money, of material and even of staff and students.  
Then, hardly two years had elapsed, when it had to migrate to Lahore as a result of the partition of Indo-Pak subcontinent, leaving its beautiful building at the mercy of non. Muslim refugees settling in Qadian. There, at Lahore, the college was restarted as if from a scratch, first in a forsaken house of Dr. Khaim Singh in the Canal Park; then in the utterly ruined building of D. A. V College, Lahore. I , a student of the third year, still remember how each and every window was reconstructed to give the totally devastated building the shape of a house worthy to live. When, after the Jama’at had spent enormous wealth on it, repairing every inch of the building and establishing science laboratories etc., then orders came, all of a sudden, to vacate the building for another purpose.. T.I. College was then shifted to Rabwah in an altogether newly constructed building. In 1974 it was taken, nay confiscated by the then Government of Pakistan in the name of the so called “nationalisation”. The college still exists but with little effort to restore it to its past glory. Fazal Elahi Anweri