Letter from DR. Daud Ahmad Tahir, London

Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatohu,
I am one of little known students of T I College, Rabwah. I came to know about TICOSA while I was in Canada in late 2006. Very first day I opened the web site and believe me I spent hours going through this and it was early morning when I finished it. Since then I have been reading through the site and every time I come across some new things that open the pleasant memories of past. My college days were more pleasant as I had my all my primary and school education in Rabwah. So most of my class fellows were my old school mates. I stayed for sometime in Fazle Umer Hostel. I did my FSc in 1968.  

I had good memories of our college teachers, most beloved Dr Pervaiz Parwazi. And then Shakoor Aslam, Sharif Khan, Mubarak Ansari and Sharif Khalid Murhoom. My professional education cut short my stay at TI College as I joined dental college in Lahore. After graduating as Dentist, for a short period I worked in Mianwali before shifting to Karachi where I started my private practice in 1974. Only a year later on the instructions of Hazrat Khalifatul Massih III, I left for The Gambia to work as Incharge Ahmadiyya Dental Surgery in Banjul. I got the opportunity to work there for nine long years. I went there soon after my marriage and three of my four children are Gambian by birth. On my return in 1984, I started my private practice in Karachi which continued till I came here in UK in September 2007.
My family details are as under:-
Married to Shagufta who belongs to Sethi family of Jehlum.
* Daughter, Freeha. MBA (Gold Medalist) from Hamdard University Karachi. She is married and settled in Mississauga, Canada. She has two children( a son and a daughter).
* Daughter Dr Mleeha Maqbool, MBBS (DOW). She is married to Dr Maqbool Sani. MBBS (son of Shaheed Maqbool Sethi an old TICOSA) and is settled in UK. They have two daughters.
* Daughter, Wjeeha. She did her BCS (Gold Medalist) from FAST, Karachi. She was awarded Shell Centenary-FCO Chevening Scholarship for her MSc from The University of Oxford where she got distinction and was awarded Gold Medal by Hazoor on the occasion of 2007 UK Jalsa. At present she is working as an IT manager in UK.
* Son Foaad did BS in Mechanical Engneering from GIKI in 2008. He also got Feculty Gold Medal and is seeking admission in Masters in UK.