Letter from Mr. Hafeez Ullah Haidrani

Mokarram wa Mohtaram Chaudhry Sahib,
Assalam o alekum WRWB,
This to acknowledge the receipt of your email. I shall try to comply with what has been asked for below.
Never conscious of the blessings of those days when I was at the college at Rabwah at age 15 – 17 years, those blessings now constitutue the most precious treasure of my life. Those days had such a deep and everlasting impact that those days have shaped my entire life that followed. I had the privilege of doing Jalsa Salana duty in those years at the office of Officer Jalsa Salana, working as an assistant to Mian Sahib (Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III ra) and having my meals with him in earthen plates and taking water in ‘aabkhuraas’.
Mokarram Ansari Sahib who used to teach us Chemistry is here, lives close to my residence, and teaches Urdu at Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada and we frequently meet each other. He has been awarded some award by Ontario (A Province of Canada whose capital is Toronto) Goverment for for making positive contribution to the society at this age.
Hafeez Ullah Haidrani