Message from Khaliq Akhtar Basra (Germany)

I joined T. I. College, Rabwah in 1957 half-heartedly on the wish of my parents. Rabwah was then a small dry, dusty lustreless town, devoid of all luxuries of life. I thought life there for a young collegiate will be monotonous. To my surprise, I soon found that life in T. I. College was in no way dull as I had imagined. The college attracted students, not only from all corners of the country, as a matter of fact there were students from other continents as well. Even though Theology was a taught in the college, but there was no compulsion in religion. Almost half of the students did not come from the Ahmadiyya Community, but there was an atmosphere of complete harmony. The College maintained the highest standards not only in academic field, but the extra-curricular activities were never ignored. In the field of sports, it was not behind any institution of the University of the Panjab, with which it was affiliated. Under the inspiring leadership of its charismatic principal Hazrat Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad, it became of premier institution of the country within a few years after its inception. The college can take legitimate pride on having produced people like Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V and innumerable great men who have served and many are still serving the community and the nation. They include civil and military personalites, devotees and missionaries. In the field of sports, the college has produced great Basketballers like Major Saadi and Aizaz Rasool and many others whose names will not be forgotten by Basketball fans in Pakistan. The college remained an unchallenged champion of Rowing in the University and Board tournaments for several years, until the government took it over under its nationalisation policy.