Message from Malik Lal Khan, Engineer, Amir Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, Canada

My dear Respected Chaudhary Sahib Assalamo alaikum wa Rahmatullah! It is a great pleasure knowing about revival of TI COSA and the website. I did receive your messages through Majeed Ahmad Saeed Sahib and Zakaria Virk Sahib. The delay in my response was due to some other urgent matters to be attended. Thank you very much for remembering your old students. I am passing on your message to Karim Ahmad Sahib Tahir also. I do not have photographs of that period with me here in Canada. Later, when possible, I shall send you whatever is available. In the next few days, I shall forward you a recent photograph. The two years I spent in T.I. College Rabwah (1960-62) are the best years of my life. Not only did I receive secular education, but also religious and spiritual education which resulted in my acceptance of Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam. Al-Hamdu lillah! The most vivid of my memories of T.I. College is the love and affection I received from my teachers. They used to treat us as their own children. Later, in Lahore and other places, I did meet some very good teachers. But the sort of caring teacher-student relationship I experienced at TI College remained unique. I am very happy that TI COSA will provide us the facility of enjoying pleasant memories of our stay at our beloved institution. May Allah bless your efforts and reward you and the other organisers for this excellent timely service!

I just remembered a joke. Chaudhary Sharif Khalid Sahib used to teach us English. He had a habit of always saying “No, never” in stead of just saying “no”. One day a student addressed me as “Red Khan”. Chaudhary Sahib overheard him. He smiled for a while, enjoying the joke. Then he turned to me and said, “Lal Khan, do you like to be called Red Khan?” I stood up and just said,”No, never!” Wassalam! Lal Khan Malik