Letter of our Habib Ullah Tariq

My Dear Prof. Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad Sahib,
May Allah grant you a long life of health and peace of mind. It was a long standing desire that a platform should be provided, where the old students and teachers could somehow reunite together. This was not an easy task. Years passed by, but this desire remained unfulfilled. Thanks to your efforts, that dream has been realised. May Allah bless your efforts and enable you to carry this difficult task further forward. I hope all of us shall give you full support in this noble work. Formation of the T.I. College Old Students Association is a historic event, like the founding of the college itself in 1944. I have seen the website and found it extremely interesting and inspiring.  
The college has produced several heroes in all walks of life, and the website provides a glimpse of the fact. I assure you my full support and hope many others like me will love to provide you the assistance you need. May Allah bless you for that. After having matriculated from T. I. High School, I joined T. I. College in 1970 and participated in most of the extra-curricular activities of the college. I was an active member of the Students Union and held several offices in the Union and Bazam-e-Urdu. I represented the college in many All Pakistan Inter-collegiate Debates and wron trophies for the college. I was also President of the College Economics society from 1974-75. I was a member of the college Rowing team that won the Punjab University Championship in 1974. In 1976 I migrated to Germany, where I am comfortably settled and am running my own business. Alhamdo Lillah.
Habib Ullah Tariq