Message from Muhammad Sami Tahir

My dear Prof. Hamid Ahmad Chaudhri Sahib
Assalam o Alaikum
In the beginning, please accept my heartiest congratulations on the construction of the most informative Website about old students of T.I College, Rabwah, Pakistan. In December 2005 I got consented premature retirement from the Punjab Education Department while I was working as Principal, Government College, Mustafabad, Kasur. As I reached back here in Canada I heard a new about Old Students of T. I. College Rabwah through brother S. H. Hadi Sahib. I have a lot of sweet memories about T. I. College Rabwah.I joined Talim-ul- Islam College, Rabwah in 1964 and graduated in 1968. I enjoyed every day of my stay in this college; I participate in all the activities of Bazem e Urdu, College Union, Political Science Society, and Hostel Forum. I was declared the best Speaker in Urdu in 1966-67. I became the President of the Students Union of the College, and also served as Chief Editor of the College Megazine Al-Minar Urdu Section 1n 1967-68.

I got good friends like; Tahir Arif, Shuja Ul Haq, Zaheer Uddin Mansoor Ahmad, Sahibzada Farooq Ahmad, Mubarak Saif, Zulfiqar Ahmad Qamar, Asim Sahrai, Karim Khalid, Khalid Ahmad, Naeem Usman, Usman Akbar., etc We were lucky to have a galaxy of highly taught teachers who were devoted heart and soul to the college. Among them were, Qazi Muhammad Aslam, Chaudhri Muhammad Ali, Sufi Basharat-ur- Rahman, Dr. S.M Shahid, Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan,Prof. Chaudhri Hamid Ullah, Prof, Muhammad Sharif Khalid, Dr.Nasir Ahmad Pervaz Perwazi, Prof. Manawar Shamim Khalid, Prof. Rashid Ghani, Prof. Arshad Tirmazi. Prof. Mubarak Ansari, Prof, Habib Ur Rahman, Prof. Aslam Sabir. Most of the students of this college played a great role in the services of Ahmadiyyat and Pakistan. So many joined in the Civil Services, Pakistan Army, and Education Department and got high ranks. Some devote their lives to the service of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. We have a lot of things to say and hear. At this time please, accept my thanks and convey my salam to all old students living any part of the world. With best wishes for your venture,
Tahir Muhammad Sami