Message from Prof. Chaudhry Hameedullah, Wakil-e-Ala, Tehrik-e-Jadid

Dear Old boys

Assalam-o-Alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatohu

Hamid Ahmad Chaudhry has been very enthusiastic in setting up the Talim-ul-Islam College Old Boys Association in Germany. His sincere efforts have at last borne fruits and the association has been firmly established. It has brought to life many forgotten old associations.
I had the privilege and the pleasure of participating in the association meeting in 2005 in Germany. This re-union with many old boys of the college was encouraging as well refreshing.
We have studied in this college and some of us have also served as teachers. The memories of the old days are part of our souls. We still see with the light lit by the great institution. This light is everlasting.
It was really a great privilege to be students of Hadrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad Sahib (Rahematullah Taala), Akhwand Abdull Qadir Sahib, Mian Ata-ur-Rahman Sahib, Professor Basharat-ur-Rahman Sahib, Professor Chaudhry Mohammad Ali Sahib, Sheikh Mahboob Alam Khalid Sahib, Maulana Arjumand Khan Sahib and many other distinguished teachers.
Consciously or unconsciously we are spreading around us the experiences we had at our ulma mater. Its impact is gobal and it is reality that the world has been benefiting from this institution through its old boys directly or indirectly

August 17, 2007