Message from S. H. Hadi

Only those nations survive on this planet those who are actively engaged in preserving their heritage, history and civilization. Hafiz Muhammad Siddiq has written a concise article “ Ta’limul Islam High School Rabwah ki wajh-e-Imtiaz” in an issue of Daily Alfazal, Rabwah, October 27, 2005. In my opinion this should be called an initiative, and that is it is our duty to preserve our heritage, it should be narrated so that it becomes a lighthouse for coming generations. In my opinion there is no country in the world where a former student of T.I. College is not serving his country.  

I am delighted to find out that Germany is the first country in the world, which has taken on the task of preserving the heritage of T.I. College, Rabwah. They are trying to memorialize the services of former teachers, students and its employees. I would like to congratulate them on this initiative. I would like to appeal to formers teachers, students and to put their memories into writing and send it to the webmaster of If you are in possession of old pictures, articles, Testimonials, I.D. Cards, or anything related to T.I. College send it to them so that it can be displayed on the website. They are trying to preserve our heritage, it’s a noble cause. May Allah bless their efforts. I have a suggestion to make: On the above website there should be space allocated to teachers and students where they can introduce themselves, reminisce about old times, what they are doing now, their email addresses, telephone numbers, in order an online contact can be established. This in turn will become a chapter in the “ History of alumni of T.I. College”.