They were once with us – Uzkuru Amwatukum bil Khair

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Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajoon

Masood Ahmad Jehlami (an old student) with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rahimahullah)
Another very prominent student of T. I. College Chaudhry Rashid Ahmad, a former Press Secretary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat U.K. with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rahimahullah) and other prominent personalities, some of whom are also Old Students of the college. (This groupf photo was sent by Mrs. Amber Zafar, daughter of Chaudhry Rashid Ahmad)
Our late Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad (former MPA) , Popularly known as Haji, distributing prizies in Sheikhupura, where he was the District Amir at the time of his demise.
On the right is our Prof. Abur Rashid Ghani, who was also a T. I. C. Old Student.

Our dear departed “CHACHAJI” Prof. Mohammad Sharif Khalid, was one of the most popular professors for his fatherly treatment of his pupils. May his soul rest in peace. Along with him is another dear friend Chaudhry Nasir-ud-Din Mahmood, who did his M.A. in Arabic from the college and was one of the top six in the University. Both were life devotees. Chaudhry Nasir-ud-Din Mahmood served as Auditor, Tehrik-e-Jadeed. He will always be remembered for his integrity and courage.
Next to him is our dear friend Mansoor Ahmad Kahlon, who died at a very young age. Mansoor was one of best palyers of Rowing and Kabaddi in addition to being a very good athlete. Mansoor Ahmad Khaki is on right of Masoor Chaudhry.

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Qamar Lone has sent several photos from Denmark, among them a newspaper articles of his brother Abdul Basit, who died in East Pakistan, where he was studying medicine. He was one of the best athletes of his time in the country, as is evident from the following article.

A detailed biography of our beloved PROF. MIAN ATA.UR-RAHMAN written by his son Mian Lutf-ur-Rehman Mahmood

Biography of PROF. Abdul Rashid Ghani written by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan

In memory of Martyrs by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sharif Khan

The loyal hardworking BABA SHADI by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sharif Khan